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What is the Novakid English learning app for kids?

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    Ad-free games
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    Comics and animated tales
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    Lessons using games
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    Free lesson materials and homework

Why download the Novakid app?

  • Study on your smartphone or tablet
  • Enjoy the Novakid Game World
  • Easily schedule lessons
  • Manage your balance
  • Follow your child's progress
  • Get all the latests updates and offers


🇵🇱 Łukasz
Oct 9, 2022
Everything works as it should. Lessons at a high level. The child's progress is visible.
🇮🇹 Simona
Oct 3, 2022
Great application! Easy to schedule lessons, great teachers and methods!!!
🇸🇦 Mohammed
Sep 29, 2022
Interesting approach and the app is beautifully made! Children are taught from scratch by professional teachers.
🇰🇷 Esther
Sep 4, 2022
My child has a lot of fun in lessons. The pace is very good and he always gets praise and encouragement from the kind teacher!
🇹🇷 Gokche
Oct 5, 2022
My son went to private school but could not speak English. With Novakid, he started to speak a lot of English.
🇮🇱 Moran
Oct 11, 2022
Amazing app. Online English lessons with charming professional teachers and only in English. Recommend 100%.

Why do thousands of parents choose the Novakid English learning app for kids?

  • Effective 25-minute lessons
  • Qualified native English teachers
  • The best teaching methods and an individual approach
  • The educational game universe for kids
  • Clear progress tracking
  • Free access to online language activities
  • Easy schedule and subscription management
  • Free trial lesson!

The Novakid English learning app for kids has been developed especially for Novakid students and their parents. It makes it easy and convenient to have lessons, manage your schedule and balance, get important notifications and track your child’s progress.

We offer online English lessons with native speakers for students from all over the world. Novakid teachers explain the material in a friendly, interactive way and show how English works in real life. The lessons are aimed at improving vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing and, especially, speaking skills.

We've also created the Novakid Game World, a unique educational game universe. By playing games, children earn stars and cups, buy cute characters and compete with their peers.

Learning English is vital in today's world, especially for the younger generation. That's why helpful tools like an app for learning English for children might be just what you need to help create a better future for all of us. Try the Novakid app today!

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