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Úroveň 0 je špeciálne navrhnutá pre deti vo veku od 4 do 5 rokov. Deti sa zábavnou a pútavou formou učia anglickú abecedu, rozumejú jednoduchým pokynom učiteľa, spievajú piesne, hrajú jazykové hry a asimilujú základné slová a konštrukcie.

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Communication skills

By the end of Level 0 (PRE-K) your kid will be able to:

  • introduce themselves
  • introduce people to each other
  • name colors of surrounding objects
  • name objects around (furniture, toys, fruits, shapes, animals, clothes)
  • name body parts
  • name some professions
  • speak about personal belongings using "I've got"
  • speak about preferences and skills using "I like" and "I can" structures
  • speak about feelings
  • count from 1 to 10
  • describe where the item is, using the prepositions 'in, on, under'

Students expand vocabulary on the following topics:

  • colors
  • furniture
  • toys
  • clothes
  • fruits
  • animals
  • shapes
  • body parts
  • professions
  • feelings
  • household items
  • food

Level PRE-K grammar includes the following definitions and structures:

  • It's
  • It's (a / an)
  • It's my
  • I like
  • I can
  • I've got / haven't got, She's got, He's got
  • I'm, He's, She's, They're
  • prepositions of a place (on, in, under)
  • conjunction 'and'
  • preposition 'for'

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