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4 reasons to follow Novakid on social media

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Follow Novakid Online English School on social media to keep up-to-date with all the bonuses and prizes you can get!

Earn bonuses

Our international team creates great content that you’ll want to share with your friends.

And now you can get bonuses for this!

Reposting a video can get you up to $6 in Novakid bonuses! They can be used to pay a part of the subscription price for English lessons at our online school.

Did you know that children from 49 countries study at Novakid? It’d be great to get to know each other better. For every social media post you make in which you mention us, you can earn $6 in bonuses.

And that’s not all! For example, one of our recent contests had separate prizes for the most creative and funniest content and for the most likes. You can also win bonuses via quizzes and tests!

Did you know you earn bonuses for referring a friend the whole time you are with us?

Just share your referral code or link with a friend and get $15 in bonuses automatically once they complete their trial lesson.

If your child isn’t studying at Novakid yet, you can sign up for a free trial lesson now!

Discount promo codes

Read our posts carefully to the end… There may be a chance for you to get a promo code very easily — just by leaving a comment!

Free lessons

In one of our recent competitions, the 10 participants whose posts gained the most coverage received 5 free Novakid lessons each! And our #novakid_happy flash mob was a worldwide smash! Dancing on the beach, in the pool, at home, in cafés and in the forest, our children received free English lessons.

Valuable prizes

Professional headphones, music speakers, sweatshirts, iPads, iPhones, and more. All great prizes worth fighting for! In our competitions, we welcome creativity and active participation.

Would you like to earn as many Novakid bonuses as possible?

Follow us on social media to hear about our promotions and prize draws!

In addition, by reading our social media sites, you’ll never miss the free open lessons that we hold on a regular basis!

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