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What is the Novakid English learning app for kids?

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    Ad-free games
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    Comics and animated tales
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    Lessons using games
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    Free lesson materials and homework

Why download the Novakid app?

  • Study on your smartphone or tablet
  • Enjoy the Novakid Game World
  • Easily schedule lessons
  • Manage your balance
  • Follow your child's progress
  • Get all the latests updates and offers


🇵🇱 Łukasz
Oct 9, 2022
Everything works as it should. Lessons at a high level. The child's progress is visible.
🇮🇹 Simona
Oct 3, 2022
Great application! Easy to schedule lessons, great teachers and methods!!!
🇸🇦 Mohammed
Sep 29, 2022
Interesting approach and the app is beautifully made! Children are taught from scratch by professional teachers.
🇰🇷 Esther
Sep 4, 2022
My child has a lot of fun in lessons. The pace is very good and he always gets praise and encouragement from the kind teacher!
🇹🇷 Gokche
Oct 5, 2022
My son went to private school but could not speak English. With Novakid, he started to speak a lot of English.
🇮🇱 Moran
Oct 11, 2022
Amazing app. Online English lessons with charming professional teachers and only in English. Recommend 100%

Why do thousands of parents choose the Novakid English learning app for kids?

  • Effective 25-minute lessons
  • Qualified native English teachers
  • The best teaching methods and an individual approach
  • The educational game universe for kids
  • Clear progress tracking
  • Free access to online language activities
  • Easy schedule and subscription management
  • Free trial lesson!