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Novakid top online learning platform for children
Novakid is among the top 3 online learning platforms for children in Germany. The popular English school for children ranked 2nd in an independent survey. Arrow icon
Fun English
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British slang expressions to sound like a native speaker 
If you want to sound like a native speaker, you need to learn British slang and expressions to sound like a local. Learn British slang words and talk like a pro! Arrow icon
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How English became the world’s most spoken language? 
Discover why English become widely spoken language in the world. Learn about history of English language which become the global language. Arrow icon
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Famous women in history for kids – meet 15 iconic women
Meet inspirational women in history. Learn biographies of famous women in history for kids. Encourage your kids to learn about inspiring women. Arrow icon
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We’re sure your kids are much talented and creative than an AI art generator! Plus, their pictures will be made with love ❤️
Ask your child to draw their Supermom to win free English lessons at Novakid and stars for their Student account! Arrow icon
Novakid for parents
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15 memory games for kids to enhance cognitive skills
Fun memory games for kids help children improve memory development. Check out top 15 interactive memory games. Develop your kid’s thinking skills now Arrow icon
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