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how to play charades
Fun English
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A game of charades for kids: fun and easy way to learn English
This article shows how to use charades in English lessons to enhance vocabulary and have fun at the same time. Arrow icon
Psychologist Gülizar Şehitoğlu
Novakid for parents
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Psychologist Gülizar Şehitoğlu: “Be patient, determined and create routines together”
How to help a child to come back to school routines? A psychologist Gülizar Şehitoğlu shared with Novakid online English school her tips to make the first school weeks smooth and exciting for a child and families. Arrow icon
present continuous tense
Easy grammar
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How to use and compose sentences in the Present Continuous?
Here you can learn how to use the present continuous tense, and how to compose correct sentences. Arrow icon
A Novakid English course for children
Fun English
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The world is closer than it seems. How Novakid virtual tours help your child learn English and more
The Virtual Explorer English course for children is an opportunity to ‘see’ the world without leaving home. The Iguazu Falls, bustling Indian markets, Lord of the Rings filming locations and over 90 more locations and themes for virtual travel and English practice! You’ll find details in our Novakid blog. Arrow icon
disney animations
Cartoons and movies
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The best Disney movies to learn English through storytelling 
This article lists Disney animations which may be a great tool helping children learn English. Arrow icon
Novakid Anniversary Sweepstake
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Win a Novakid Subscription in our 5th Anniversary Sweepstake!
In celebration of our 5 year anniversary, we’re giving away free English lessons! To win, all you need to do is participate in our sweepstake! Arrow icon
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