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Novakid blogEarly childhood education and parenting

Fun English
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Best Christmas crafts for kids (with essential vocabulary)
Do easy Christmas crafts for kids this Christmas. Learn Christmas vocabulary and find Christmas activities for families. Make some Christmas cards. Arrow icon
Teacher shows how to pronounce "th"
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Time icon 3 min
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English sounds for kids: let’s learn how to pronounce “TH” correctly
Do you know why it is so important to practice pronunciation of English sounds – preferably at the very start of learning a language? Arrow icon
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⚽️ English is the language of international football! 🤩
Record a video message to your favourite footballer or team ⚽️ and win free English lessons from Novakid! Arrow icon
Novakid for parents
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Time icon 5 min
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5 tips on using screen time as an advantage for bilingual children: parents’ ultimate guide
Learn how the time your kid spends on screen can be used as an advantage for learning English. Find out our tips for bilingual English education. Arrow icon
Stories of our students
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Time icon 5 min
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To some, it’s rubbish; to Angela, it’s flowers and dresses – a Novakid student’s fascinating story
For nine-year-old Angela Josephine, ‘protecting the environment’ is not just an empty phrase. She turns thrown-away plastic items into beautiful dresses, bags and hats. How is this young eco-activist from Indonesia changing the world around her? Find out in this Novakid blog article! Arrow icon
Cartoons and movies
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Magical method to learn English with Harry Potter
Learn English with Harry Potter. See how the Harry Potter English books and English movies can help your child learn a new language Arrow icon
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