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Novakid Anniversary Sweepstake
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Win a Novakid Subscription in our 5th Anniversary Sweepstake!
In celebration of our 5 year anniversary, we’re giving away free English lessons! To win, all you need to do is participate in our sweepstake! Arrow icon
present simple
Easy grammar
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Present tense in English: What it is, how to use it and examples
This piece shows the ways to use the present simple tense, and to compose correct sentences. Arrow icon
Travel blogger Greta
Travel bloggers
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By the curves of the Danube: a guide to Hungary with travel blogger Greta 
Novakid invites you on a new virtual tour. This time, we’re off to Hungary with travel blogger Greta. The Danube, Lake Balaton and mouth-watering goulash… Learn more about Hungary on our Novakid blog! Arrow icon
english lessons for kids
Fun English
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The benefits of gamification and storyline in learning English for your child
This article shows how to motivate kids to learn English in a friendly way, using stories and video games Arrow icon
Novakid success stories
Stories of our students
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5 Novakid success stories: from studying English to the worlds of film, sport and business
We’ve collected stories from children around the world who have proved that being able to speak English has helped them to achieve their dream. Share your inspiring story in the comments section below and stand a chance to win a year’s worth of English lessons! Arrow icon
A Novakid student serves as an English-speaking guide in Hiroshima
Stories of our students
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A Novakid third-grade student gives tours in English in Hiroshima
Shun Sasaki, a third grader from Hiroshima City who is learning English at Novakid, serves as an English-speaking guide for foreigners at the Atomic Bomb Dome in the Peace Memorial Park. Read his story in the article. Arrow icon
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