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⚽️ English is the language of international football! 🤩

Record a video message to your favourite footballer or team ⚽️ and win free English lessons from Novakid!

Tell your child that English is a global language and that all international stars understand it. And now children can record a video message in English for their favourite footballer, or maybe even a whole team. At Novakid, we’ll try to pass on the message to the players!

🎁 Everyone who takes part in our contest will get a prize of 1 English lesson at Novakid and 500 stars added to their personal account with us to spend on Novakid games and avatars.

🎁 The winners — those submitting the 5 best videos — will each receive 5 free English lessons, plus a super bonus of 1,000 stars added to their personal account 🚀.

🎁 We’ll also show the winning videos on our Novakid Evening Show and invite the children to take part in a live broadcast.

Entry form

    Child’s name *
    Your contact telephone number *
    Name of the footballer/team addressed *
    Upload the file or send us a YouTube link.
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