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Novakid launches a CPD accredited course for ESL teachers
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Novakid launches a CPD accredited course for ESL teachers

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Novakid, the go-to expert in teaching English to young learners, has launched the Novakid Teacher Academy. It’s a great opportunity for ESL teachers, whether newbies or experienced, to level up their online teaching skills.

The first course available through the Teacher Academy is the Novakid TEYL course, which offers practical tips and solutions for delivering engaging online lessons to young learners. This course is CPD-accredited, granting teachers a 35-hour certificate, and they have a flexible 60-day timeframe to complete it whenever it suits them.

Elena Campanella, Teacher Operations Director at Novakid, says, “We are pros at teaching English, especially online. Our Teacher Development team and best tutors joined forces to create the Novakid Teacher Academy. It’s packed with helpful info, best practices, and teaching tips for ESL teachers.”

What does the Novakid Teacher Academy offer? 

  1. Teacher Certification: Novakid provides CPD-accredited Teacher Certification programs suitable to specific groups, including homeschooling parents and professionals in public institutions. These programs offer essential skills for effective online teaching of young learners. The accreditation from CPD UK confirms the competence in the TEYL industry.
  2. Teacher Academy Course Library: By September 2023, participants will get a collection of short, certified courses that can be completed individually or as part of a bundle. These in-house courses developed by the Novakid content team include webinars and printable teaching materials suitable for online and offline classes. 
  3. Novakid Teacher Community: The platform provides a supportive community for all non-affiliated teachers. It offers opportunities to share best practices, learn from one another, and engage with fellow teachers. This community serves as a valuable support network while completing the self-paced course and grants exclusive access to special events.

The importance of English language learning has grown significantly since most schools made it compulsory. Parents want their children to become fluent in the shortest time, and that’s where EdTech companies like Novakid step in to bridge the gap between traditional schooling and parental expectations. 

Teachers who get real-life experience with online teaching tools and platforms, open up doors to amazing career opportunities and keep students coming back for more.

Research shows there are around 20,000 TEFL job postings out there. Surprisingly (or not), TEFL certification matters more to employers than teaching experience. Many positions are open to newly qualified English teachers. Flexibility and continuous professional development (CPD) the secret key for success.

“Teaching online gives you the freedom to manage your time and earning potential. And this course gives you all the tools you need to be a sought-after online TEYL teacher.” adds Elena Campanella.

As a go-to platform for game-based learning, Novakid represents the next generation of online education for kids.

Max Azarov, Novakid CEO, highlights the importance of learning English: “Learning English sets kids up for success in the future. Novakid brings fun, adventure, and imagination right into our students’ homes. Our unique methodology and curriculum make learning English a blast through immersive and playful online activities.”

The launch price for the first course is $29.99 (regular price: $54.99). For more information about the Novakid Teacher Academy, please visit the website.

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