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Novakid included in list of Top 5 Online Learning Platforms for Children in Germany

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Novakid was awarded the Deutschland Test seal for its interactive and user-friendly software which makes e-learning safe, simple and meaningful for young learners

The customer survey in Germany was carried out by the Cologne consulting and ServiceValue on behalf of the independent Deutschland Test in January 2022. More than 25,000 people took part in the 2022 Deutschland Test online survey with the goal to evaluate 194 e-learning providers operating on the German EdTech market.

We are proud to announce that Novakid is ranked 4th in the Top 5 online learning platforms for children in Germany.

All the providers were categorized within 14 different sectors, including “General e-learning platforms”, “Online learning platforms for children”, “Online language courses”, “Language learning apps”, “Math learning apps”, and “Driving learning apps”. At least 100 customers’ testimonials were obtained per each provider.

“At Novakid we are working very hard to give our students the opportunity to develop their English language skills and enjoy the learning process. We are constantly evolving the platform and looking for innovative ways to combine learning and entertainment. In 2022, we are implementing several new mini-games and speech-to-text solutions to advance the students’ progress evaluations. We are glad that our efforts have been recognised in this survey,”

said Max Azarov, co-founder and CEO of Novakid.

The results of the 2022 Deutschland Test online survey were published in edition 05/22 of FOCUS magazine (password to access the PDF is FOC2022).

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