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Novakid in the GSV EdTech 150 list
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Novakid Has Been Selected Among the Global Silicon Valley (GSV) EdTech 150 list

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The prestigious list represents the companies displaying the most transformative growth in the digital learning sector

We are happy to announce that Novakid has been included in the 2022 edition of the Global Silicon Valley (GSV) EdTech 150 list of the leading private companies in the digital learning space. It’s the second year in a row that Novakid ESL platform has been included in the prestigious list.

To get to the top 150, over 3,000 private education technology companies have been evaluated in several aspects — revenue scale, revenue growth, user reach, geographic diversification, and margins profile. Novakid took its place in the top 150 in the Early Childhood and K-12 categories.

“These 150 companies are leading the way in EdTech, while finding innovative and scalable ways to serve learners around the world. They have the largest and fastest-growing learning impact”, as stated in the GSV EdTech 150 announcement.

“During recent years the education systems worldwide have been facing many challenges, primarily related to the accessibility of education in the wake of the pandemic. The acceleration of digital transformation has been announced as one of the global goals of foremost concern by UNESCO to ensure the right to education. We are very proud of contributing to global changes and strive to make education more accessible and effective for children all over the world by delivering highly immersive English language learning to foster communication without borders for today’s generation and in the future. We are excited to be part of the top 150 EdTech companies once again and very thankful for the recognition of our contribution to education”, said Max Azarov, Novakid CEO.

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