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‘Easy Beezy’: Week 2
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‘Easy Beezy’: Week 2

Table of contents

Virtual English camp by Novakid

Is it possible to learn a bunch of useful words in English, make this summer’s most popular toy—Pop It—and watch a ton of awesome cartoons, all in just 7 days?

Of course it is! We’ll do all of this and more in the 2nd week of the Novakid Virtual Camp—Easy Breezy!

This week’s topic is “free time and leisure”.

Access to all activities is free. You can read through the whole program and register for the camp on our site.



Amazing Things Happen, 10-12+. Learn more about child autism. Let the young viewers see that people with autism are not strange or unhappy, and that they have their own unique way of experiencing the world.


Taking Flight 7-9+. Un día común y corriente con tu abuelo se convierte en una aventura grandiosa: rescate de monos en peligro, batallas de extraterrestres por el control del universo. El poder de la imaginación muestra cómo debería ser la infancia de cualquier niño.


Partridge in a Bear Tree, 4-6+. An ordinary, boring and strictly regimented day with your grandfather turns into a grandiose adventure, complete with a miraculous rescue from monkeys and a battle with aliens to save the Universe. The power of imagination shows the delight of true childhood.


Becca’s Bunch: Wishing Stone 4-6+. Pedro tells The Squad that the wishes he made never came true. Becca seems to have found a solution: a journey to the Wishing Stone! Following an obscure, old poem that they once heard from their mothers, the friends set off on a search…


Wallace and Gromit: a Matter of Loaf and Death, 10-12+. Wallace and his dog Gromit open a bakery and are soon faced with a mysterious murder. But Wallace is in love, his head is in the clouds. Gromit understands that he will have to investigate the crime by himself.


Lesson 1. Hmm, what to do today? Football or board games? Drawing or dancing? Your Novakid teacher will tell you! In this lesson, children will learn useful English words on the subject of hobbies.

Lesson 2. This activity will help your child hone their speaking skills. Children will learn to talk about their interests, discuss summer activities, and try to come up with the recipe for a perfect vacation.

Lesson 3. Soul or Pop? Jazz or Rock? If your child loves music, this is certainly the activity for them! In this lesson, children will learn about different musical genres and how to put on their own concert.


Cosmic applications
Distant planets, twinkling stars and icy asteroids. It’s all so mysterious and alluring. But what if you could make all of these yourself and become the creator of your own universe? That’s right, it’s a piece of cake! Your Novakid teacher will show you how.

Paper handbags
No one else will have as useful an accessory as you! You can store all kinds of useful stuff in this little handbag. It would also be an excellent way to wrap a present for your mom or best friend.

Pop It
Can you make this fun toy that every kid dreams of with your own two hands? Of course you can! Just start crafting as you follow our teacher’s instructions!

Novakid and partners are giving away cool prizes, and anyone can take part in the draw!
Watch our workshops and post a photo or video of the crafts made in the workshops on Instagram, Likee or TikTok with the hashtags #EasyBreezy_Camp and #Novakid.
On August 30, the organizers will select the most creative and outstanding entries. We’ll ship your prize to anywhere in the world!

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