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Banana Fish Pizza Video
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Banana, Fish and Pizza: Get ready to discover a new “yummy” hit from Novakid

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The best way to get fluency in a new language is to enjoy the learning process. There are multiple ways to make learning fun: games, quests, challenges, animated comic stories and… music!

Novakid presents a new hit Banana, Fish and Pizza especially created to help children all around the world learn English while singing, dancing and just having fun!

The video stars one of the cutest Novakid Magic Academy characters, adorable cat Barsu, who is going to discover some “yummy” English vocabulary together with young learners.

Get ready to never stop singing Banana Fish Pizza and enjoy!

Invite friends to a Banana, Fish and Pizza party

Share cool Banana, Fish and Pizza vibes in your social media and get a bonus!

Make a repost of this video to your page and get $6 for English lessons at Novakid! If you share it in stories, you will get $3 of bonuses! Do not forget to mention @novakid_global in your post and be sure your account is open, otherwise, we won’t see your content.

To find out more about Banana, Fish and Pizza, follow this link!

Are you in? 🙂

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