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‘Easy Breezy’: Week 6
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‘Easy Breezy’: Week 6

Table of contents

Online English camp

Can you discover the secrets of the ocean, find out the difference between a desert and a savannah, visit London’s Museum of Natural History, and greatly improve your English; all without leaving the house?

Of course! Hurry and sign up for our free virtual camp “Easy Breezy” with native speakers! The topic for this week is “Mysterious World of Animals”.

August 16-22, the kids can expect:



Supergirl 4-6+
One of 8 poems written and performed by Preschool Poets. “Supergirl” was composed by little Penny. And these verses convey all the contradictions of a young girl’s nature.


The Storyteller 7-9+
In his old age, 7-year-old Nirmala’s grandfather gradually loses his memory and forgets the details of their favourite fairy tale. So the granddaughter takes on the role of the storyteller. The film was on the long-list for the Oscars and also received many awards at international festivals.


The Reflection in Me 7-9+
You are perfect just the way you are! Your reflection in the mirror frankly tells you about this, you just have to take a closer look! The goal of this heartwarming family film is to empower children of all ages to find the courage to look inside and love themselves as they are.


850 Meters 10-12+
A not-so-brave knight is on a quest for fame and fortune – legend says rescuing a princess is the way to go. And in those same fairy tales, there’s only one way to slay the dragon that holds the fair lady captive: find the invincible sword. To reach his goal, the knight is ready to go far. Maybe even as far as 850 meters…

Stories of the Sea: The Cave 10-12+
Tautini and his wh?nau (family) are on one of their regular diving trips in Titirangi Bay, on the South Island of New Zealand. Only on this particular day, Tautini makes a shocking discovery! This animated film is based on true events and teaches us to listen to our elders, and learn from the past, in order to safekeep the treasures of moana (the ocean).
“The Cave” is the first of the three “Sea Stories” created by the animator Paige Koedijk and the narrator Nathaniel Lees. The films were sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) of New Zealand and are made to show how the ocean can change over only one person’s lifetime.


Food and Habitats. Do snakes eat plants? Do penguins eat insects? What is the difference between a desert and a savannah? These are not simple questions. Teacher Clinton will give the children all the answers and play a fun game called “Food Chain”. Hurry to watch this incredibly fun and interesting lesson!

Sea Creatures. Mysteries of the underwater world have captured the attention of people for centuries. In this lesson, you can become real divers, descend to the depths of the ocean and carefully examine its inhabitants. Teacher Clinton will play a game with the kids called “Truth or Lie” and read a funny tongue twister. Are you up for the challenge to repeat after him? Test your intuition!

The Animal Kingdom. In the lesson with Teacher Joe, the kids will find out what are invertebrates, whether dolphins are fish and penguins – birds; as well as go on a virtual tour of London’s Museum of Natural History. All this in just 25 minutes! Biology lessons have never been this exciting and useful!


Workshop 1. Magical Flowers
In this masterclass, you can try a simple yet very unusual method of painting. Your work can become the perfect gift to a loved one or at the very least a decoration for the living room. To create the drawing, you will need a few different paints, a spool of thread, and a few sheets of white paper. You will love it, we guarantee!

Workshop 2Mysteries of the Underwater World
Peculiar fish, amusing octopuses, glowing seahorses, and stars… They have come to life! Can we turn a regular picture into something more? For example, a fascinating game of light? You’ll see that this is possible! Quickly, get to crafting something that will truly surprise your parents and friends.

Workshop 33D Cutouts
If you love animals and fun tricks, this masterclass is definitely for you. From some coloured paper, you can make three things at once: a playful fox, hiding in the forest; a fun little frog whose tongue you can pull; and a crocodile who is always hungry – you can throw him some food! Isn’t it amazing?

Camp members can expect prizes from the animation studio “Soyuzmultfilm”, the company ELARI, confectionary manufacturer Haribo, and Novakid. To compete for 1st place, post a photo or video of any craft you have made in our workshops, on Instagram, Likee or Tiktok with hashtags #EasyBreezy_Camp and #Novakid. The most eye-catching, creative works will be chosen, and we will send the gifts to our winners regardless their location!

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