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‘Easy Breezy’: Week 7
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‘Easy Breezy’: Week 7

Table of contents

Online English camp

Everyone is crazy about exploring new cities and countries. For this reason, the final weekly topic of our free online children’s camp “Easy Breezy” is “Let’s travel the world!”

It’s not too late to take part. We are waiting for you at!

During our open English lessons, the children will set off on a virtual journey to see the greatest landmarks and the most beautiful corners of our planet. They will also try on the role of tour guide and learn to talk about their country or town in English.

From the 23rd to the 29th of August, the children can expect:


Woolworld 4-6+

Have you ever wondered what life would be like in a world made of wool? In the surreal Woolworld, everything is made of wool—the people, the animals and everything around them, and it is all closely tied together. The only person capable of making sure that Woolworld functions smoothly is Mr Woolly. He is, however, old and tired and wants his life to change. Unfortunately… his wish gets granted.

Notebook babies: Glue Boy Helps His Best Friend, Cool Cat 4-6+

Glue Boy is a sort of superhero. He thinks he can solve all problems with glue. One day, his friend Cool Cat has a big problem and calls Glue Boy for help. Glue Boy is ready to save the day! This is a kind fantasy story that presents ordinary objects from a new perspective.

Cumulus 7-9+

An adventurous young girl named Penwyn runs away from her worrisome dad on the coast of South Wales, UK. She stumbles across a talking blue-footed booby bird, going by the name Mister Booby, who’s distraught because his chicks are flying the nest. On the hunt for adventure, Penwyn follows him as he rushes off in search of his chicks to the mysterious and wonderful world of the clouds in this watercolour-animated story.

The Monster Under My Bed 7-9+

Afraid of monsters under your bed? Don’t worry, Sasha has your back. When her brother suggests there might be a monster under her bed, Sasha finds the perfect solution to avoid this unwanted scenario: start sleeping there herself to make sure the place is already taken! Will Sasha’s plan work? Based on the original story by Marvin. Read more stories like this on WEBTOON.

For Estefani, Third Grade 10-12+

A poet receives a card with a cryptic message from a third-grader. What she uncovers is a perfect little moment of beauty. The animated film teaches us to see love everywhere, as well as to be attentive to the world and to each other..


Around the World. Geography has never been this fascinating! Teacher Clinton will tell the kids all about the most interesting landmarks of each continent. Children will learn what makes Machu Picchu and the Giza pyramids so special; what animals live in Australia and North America, and what you should take with you on a journey there. Hurry, and watch the lesson!

Where I live. Together with teacher Annie, the kids will discuss where is the best place to live. Is it a house, bungalow or apartment; in a big city, or a small town, or maybe in a village? Children will learn to talk about their city and seriously improve their vocabulary on the topic of travel, so they can communicate with locals in English and be more confident navigating new places.

Cultures around the world. Which country’s greeting is it to bow, which to say “Namaste” and where is it best to stick to a handshake? In this last lesson of our summer camp, Teacher Clinton will tell the children about the most interesting traditions in countries all over the world. The kids will find out where to try M?m?lig?, and where, Baklava; as well as what to take with them for such a journey.


Workshop 1. Road trip
This masterclass will be for anyone who likes to travel and paint. During a car journey, you can always stop and admire the things you would usually never notice… Get ready! You will need a pencil, colourful pens, double-sided tape and a clear paper file sleeve. For each stop, you can create anything that comes to mind. Quick, get to work creating your masterpiece!

Workshop 2Camera
How can you save and remember the best moments of this summer? Of course, you can take a photo with your phone. What about something a little more interesting? Of course! You can paint the best shots by hand and scroll through them in the camera. This creation will be a memorable gift for your friends and family.

Workshop 3Wallet
Are you always losing your metro ticket and cards from different shops? No problem! We can help you solve this once and for all. Get your pencil, coloured cardboard, ruler, scissors and felt-tips ready, and follow the instructions! Our cardholder will help you to keep together a whole lot of important bits and pieces. Isn’t it great?

Camp members can expect prizes from the animation studio “Soyuzmultfilm”, the company ELARI, confectionary manufacturer Haribo, and Novakid. To compete for 1st place, post a photo or video of any craft you have made in our workshops, on Instagram, Likee or Tiktok with hashtags #EasyBreezy_Camp and #Novakid. The most eye-catching, creative works will be chosen, and we will send the gifts to our winners regardless their location!

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