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‘Happy’ by Novakid choir
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Join the ‘Happy’ Novakid Flash Mob! Clap along!

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Join the ‘Happy’ Novakid flash mob and get a chance to join a virtual choir performance

Music has no boundaries: it unites us; it is a universal language that everyone understands from a young age. Novakid strives to make the English language as accessible as music is for thousands of children all over the world.

The link between the beautiful language of music and the English language is what inspired Novakid to launch this flash mob!

Over 18 talented Novakid students sang a cover of Happy by Pharrell Williams in a virtual choir performance. Clap along!

Join the ‘Happy’ Novakid flash mob

Now it’s your turn to join the ‘Happy’ Novakid flash mob!

Until April 15, 2022 record a video with your child or with family under the track Happy by Pharrell Williams, publish it on social media with hashtags #novakid_happy #happy #pharrellwilliams and tag Novakid!

Twenty participants from all over the world whose videos get the highest number of views on social media will receive a special gift from Novakid and will take part in the next edition of the ‘Happy’ Novakid choir. The new video performance with the best videos from participants will be published on the International English Day, April 23th, on Novakid YouTube channel.

Follow the link to the #novakid_happy flash mob and…

Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do!

Take part in the flash mob to stand a chance of winning a place in the next virtual choir performance!

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