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Greșeli gramaticale frecvente: Profesorul ne spune cum le putem evita
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7 myths about learning English online

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The habit of working from home and attending online classes instead of regular ones became extremely popular in the last two years. Because of the circumstances, it turned out that we do not necessarily have to commute every day from our homes to our workplace or school. This is beneficial both for our planet (fewer cars on roads, means less air pollution) and better work-life balance (less time spent during commuting means more time to spend with your family). 

Studies show that we can be as effective while working and studying at home, as if we were doing it in the office or traditional school. This is why so many people started attending online courses, and they became such a hit. These online lessons are not only designed for adults, but often school children are the major target group. Teaching kids English from an early age is one of the most important factors to parents who care about their children’s future. 

Learning English online is fun and addictive. Furthermore, you and your child can save some time, because online learning takes place at home. There is no additional commuting after school and to participate in the classes, your child only needs access to the computer and Internet. 

Although there are so many benefits of learning English online, some people still remain skeptical about the idea. In this article, we will deal with the 7 most common myths about learning English online. We’ll prove that online English classes for kids at Novakid are the greatest opportunity for your child to start speaking English in real life. Find out how long it takes to learn English with Novakid and that it is not hard for your kid to learn English online. 

Myth no. 1: It’s hard to stay focused and be engaged during the lesson

In a traditional classroom, a teacher has to take care of multiple students at a time. It’s more difficult to focus on every child individually, and a child who doesn’t get enough attention will get bored and won’t learn anything during the lesson. It’s actually easier for the kid to stay focused and be engaged during an online lesson. 

Online English classes at Novakid are held in a familiar environment, such as your child’s room and there are no distractions. Also, all classes are taught 1:1, meaning that students really get to know their teachers and get their full attention at all times. 

Furthermore, Novakid provides engaging and entertaining programs for English lessons with the use of gamification and storylines. During online lessons, kids play games and watch funny videos. As a result, the engagement is 39% higher for students who learn English online with Novakid. 

Myth no. 2: There is no real interaction with the teacher in a virtual classroom

The computer screen doesn’t have to be a communication barrier. During online English classes at Novakid, teachers use a variety of methods including TPR (Total Physical Response Method) in order to keep children engaged in the learning process. Also, the flow of spoken English classes for kids requires them to constantly communicate and interact with the teacher, so the learning process is as real and effective as it would have been in a real classroom.

Myth no. 3: The progress in learning online is slower and there is not enough practice

Because the child gets individual attention from the teacher during every lesson, the progress in learning English online is actually quicker. Also, the program and variety of innovative methods that are used, keep your child engaged. For example, the use of gamification and the TPR method makes it easier for your kid to remember the contents of each lesson. 

At Novakid all lessons are held in English by qualified native-speakers. The animated comic stories, games and features in the game area are also in English. During the online lesson with Novakid your child practices speaking English all the time.

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Myth no. 4: There is no solid learning program and course certification

Learning English online is not limited to using free mobile apps and webinars open to everyone. Major English Online Schools such as Novakid base their programs on a solid foundation. All Novakid lessons are based on the CEFR framework and consist of 4 main levels, as well as a special program for pre-school students and two advanced speaking-intensive courses (Time2Talk and Virtual Explorer). 

Furthermore, lessons are held by certified teachers who are native English speakers. Students, who learn English in the same way that natives do, are more likely to pass various English certificates to document their knowledge.

Myth no. 5: The quality of online learning is low and it’s easy to get distracted

Because English online lessons at Novakid are held 1:1, the child gets full attention from their teacher. This helps your kid to stay focused and engaged in the lesson program. If the teacher can give your child their full attention, the quality of online learning will be higher, and your child will get to know their teacher well. 

Also, every lesson lasts only 25 minutes, which means that the child does not have time to get distracted. Studies show that the average attention span for young kids is up to 30 minutes, so at Novakid this time is being used to provide maximum value to your kid. Lessons with native speakers are engaging, fast-paced and because they last just 25 minutes, it’s easier for children to maintain focus and retain the material.

Myth no. 6: You need high level computer skills to learn English online

Learning English online is easier than attending regular classes. To participate, all you need is a computer with access to the Internet. This means no more time wasted on commuting from home to language school. Your child can learn English wherever they are, no matter if it’s at home, during travel or during vacation. Also, the Novakid e-learning platform is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Learning with Novakid is convenient. Now, with the introduction of the Novakid mobile app, it’s even easier to learn English anywhere you and your child are. The little ones can take lessons and practice English anywhere. The parents can benefit from managing schedules and balance on their phones, as well as getting the latest news and updates anytime. 

Myth no. 7: English Online Lessons are expensive

English online classes for kids don’t have to be expensive. Also, with the benefit of having 1:1 classes dedicated to your children’s needs, investing in Novakid is the most profitable solution. There is no better way to spend your money than on your child’s education.

At Novakid you can choose the right plan for your kid, based on how many lessons per week and in total you need. The cost of each lesson drops with longer subscriptions. But you can easily start from just 4 weeks with two lessons per week and go up to an extensive 48 week subscription with 96 lessons in total. 

If you’re not sure if this is something for your kid, go ahead and just try it! The first introductory English online lesson at Novakid is always free. During the first lesson, your child can meet the teacher, and you can understand the methods responsible for Novakid’s students’ success. Sign up for a free trial lesson today!


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