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Why is children's skin care so essential?
Novakid for parents
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Why is children’s skin care so essential?

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Children’s skin needs daily care:  it has to be cleaned, protected, moisturised and nourished with gentle products suited to their young skin. Why? 

Firstly, a child’s skin is more fragile than an adult’s skin. Indeed, the hydrolipidic film (the skin barrier) is still developing until children are about 11 years old. Before this age, their skin is very thin, thus particularly sensitive. 

Also, their skin is naturally drier and prone to tightness since the sebaceous glands are not producing lipids yet. 

Lastly, their skin is more sensitive to climatic conditions, as the pH of their skin is more basic than adult skin. As the child grows, the skin will acidify and thus form this hydrolipidic film, acting as a “protective coat”. 

Therefore, it is essential to teach your children to take care of their skin. Adopting healthy habits is part of their education, and stimulates their personal, physical and mental development. This way, they will grow up being independent, confident and ready to face life’s challenges. 

However, it can be difficult for children to learn and practise these daily rituals. Novakid, an online English school, invites you to discover OUATE, a brand of natural cosmetics for children, which offers parents practical skincare advice.

4 good reasons to use OUATE skincare products

Choosing skincare products for our children requires careful thought.  The products should be both effective and safe, to ensure it does not negatively affect their health and skin. OUATE understands the importance of choosing products that meet these high standards.

Created for children from the age of four and above, OUATE offers essential products to take care of your skin according to your age and physiological needs.

1. Safe, healthy and natural formulas

Formulated with a minimum of 95% ingredients of natural origin, OUATE products are vegan and approved by the medical profession. Free of harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, silicones or artificial colours, all ingredients are carefully selected for their nourishing and moisturising properties, to protect the delicate skin of children from 4 years old. 

2. Ergonomic and eco-designed products

Each product is designed and adapted to a child’s hands so that they can use them easily according to their age. The attractive and fun-designed packaging is ergonomic and grows with your child. Because they are easy to handle, it promotes autonomy. 

3. Playful skincare

Innovative textures, light and subtle scents – each product is carefully designed to encourage regular use through playfulness. While taking care of themselves and their skin, children play and learn by having fun. Their skincare routine is equated to fun and happy moments! 

4. Planet-friendly skincare

All our products are 100% recyclable, eco-friendly and refills are available for some products such as Ma recharge, Mon nettoyant douceur (My Refill, My Gentle Cleanser).   

OUATE products are created to meet the specific needs of children’s skin. Safe, healthy and effective, they moisturise, nourish and protect their delicate skin. The entire range, suitable for children, offers everything needed to take care of them from head to toes. 

Find out more on the brand’s website 

Teaching children to take care of themselves

1. The earlier, the better

It is advisable to accustom children to personal hygiene habits from an early age. This can help them incorporate these behaviours early in life, helping them form a habit. By teaching them these rituals from an early age, children gain a better understanding of the importance of self-care.

2. The playful method: Make it fun

The playful approach in the learning framework has proven to be effective, and that is why at Novakid, we use it for teaching English.

For example, practising physical activity is good for your health, and it is much easier for children to do it while having fun. This also applies to food: presenting them with colourful foods and explaining that they are healthy and tasty will encourage them to eat healthier. 

For children to easily adopt skincare rituals, it is important that they associate them with pleasant moments. Turn bath time into a fun activity with Ma chantilly lavante (My cleansing whipped cream) to re-enchant this moment, often perceived as a chore for children. You can also play music in the bathroom, or choose colourful products that look interesting to children. This will stimulate their learning while helping them to memorise the different steps of the routine and take pleasure in them.

3. Explain the importance of adopting a daily care ritual

During the learning process, children need clear explanations in order to understand things. Explain why taking care of your skin is important and how taking care of yourself is about being healthy, and how this  allows you to grow up to be fit and strong so you can experience lots of new things. 

Taking care of yourself makes you feel good in your own body. Moreover, the transition to adolescence and developing hormones result in physical changes that are sometimes not easy to live with. Taking care of yourself allows you to learn about your body, to meet your needs and adopt habits that make you feel comfortable with yourself. This enhances self-confidence and self-esteem, and contributes to the physical and psychological development of our children.  

4. Promote learning through imitation

Children learn by imitation, especially when they are still young. And it is always more fun to follow a ritual with a partner. To help your children adopt these selfcare rituals, share them together! Every day, practise this ritual together and encourage your child to follow the schedule and steps you have adopted. For example, brush your teeth together, or make a skincare routine a bonding moment! 

Encourage them and congratulate them at each step, this will boost their self-confidence. Over time, they will develop the desire to do these things alone, thus strengthening their autonomy and self-affirmation.

By following these tips, you will facilitate the process of learning how to care for your body, while ensuring that your children enjoy it. 

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