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The best apps for learning English

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You can start learning English at any age. Both 3 and 4-year-olds as well as adults and even seniors can learn. Of course, in the case of foreign languages, the sooner we start learning, the better the chance we have to master the language to perfection and use it fluently like a native speaker. Until a few years ago, learning English required attending extra-curricular activities, enrolling in a language school, or meeting a teacher face to face. However, nowadays, when practically everything can be found and arranged on the Internet, learning English is much easier, more accessible and cheaper. The huge number of programs and mobile applications designed for learning English means that now we can learn anywhere, at any time of the day or night and at any age.

Applications for learning English are very popular because most of them are free and allow you to learn the language effectively without leaving your home. By learning with the application, you can keep track of your progress and constantly have access to virtual English lessons. The application for learning English is great for school children who already have their own smartphone, as well as for adults or seniors. Besides applications, you can also use other digital solutions – learn how to use YouTube for learning English.

Apps for learning EnglishUse your phone wisely and install one of the many popular applications for learning English. Find out which app to choose and how to work with it regularly to achieve success. Find out which apps work better for the youngest and which ones will be suitable for adults. Read on!

Application for learning English – a miracle of the 21st century?

At a time when mobile phones are no longer used only for calling and sending text messages, it is worth using all their powers for a wise purpose. Thanks to the numerous applications available for smartphones, you can not only play games and browse social media, but also use them for educational purposes.

Although to some people learning English through a mobile application may seem insignificant, if you use a given application properly, you will notice the satisfactory results of such learning. Learning English with a mobile app should be approached properly. Self-discipline and self-motivation are key issues in such a self-directed learning process. It is also good to set a learning goal for yourself, i.e. mastering basic phrases in a foreign language that will be useful for you during the holidays or reaching a more advanced level that will allow you to get a language certificate or a better job.

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Apps for learning English When choosing an application for learning English, you should not limit yourself to only one app. Since there are so many different learning programs available on the Internet, make the best of them all. Install a few different apps for learning English, preferably with each one developing different language skills. Among the applications for learning English you will find popular translators, applications with quizzes and language games, applications for learning vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Some of the applications are dedicated to the youngest users, and some are aimed at adults. Before downloading each application to your phone, it is worth reading the description from the publisher and opinions about it on the Internet. You can also download the application to your phone immediately and test it.

The best apps for learning English – our compilation.

Out of thousands of language learning apps available for Android and iOS phones, we have selected and reviewed the most popular ones. Find out what makes each application different and what language skills you and your child will be able to gain and improve with them.

We split our selections into free apps for learning English, paid apps for learning English, and apps for learning English for children. Discover which apps can help you learn and see if they’re available for iOS and Android!

Free applications for learning English


Duolingo is a great free application for learning English that is great for people just starting their adventure with this foreign language. The application is colorful and very clear, which makes its use a pleasure (it can also be considered a good English learning application for children)! The learning process is organized thanks to the simple division into chapters and topics. Each section contains several lessons. When you feel that you have mastered the material in a given field, you can take a pleasant test to check your knowledge. Thanks to the extensive set of exercises with the voice option, you can also work on your pronunciation. While the application is a simple and pleasant way to learn the basics of a given foreign language, another tool will be useful for a specific learning of grammar. The Duolingo app is suitable for children and adults.

Busuu (busuu Limited)

Busuu is an application that has been heavily promoted recently in social media and on TV. It will be great especially for young people and people who spend a lot of time on social media. This app is a combination of thematic language courses with the functionality of social platforms. The application helps to learn short language forms used by native speakers. With the Busuu app you will learn everyday English, i.e. practical phrases and expressions used in everyday communication. The app contains flashcards, recordings and simple grammar exercises. Additionally, you will learn the linguistic nuances and the cultural context of a given language. Busuu proves to be a very helpful tool when learning English before going abroad on holiday. The application has an English interface.

Learn English (Tweeba)

This is one of the applications for learning English that do not require Internet access. Even if you are on the train, in the middle of the sea or in the woods, and you don’t have the proper coverage, you can still learn English effectively. The Learn English application allows you to use it like a dictionary and a personal teacher. For each word and phrase, you have the option to mark whether the material has already been mastered or whether it still needs to be repeated. Additionally, the app sends you notification with a so-called word of the day that you can easily remember and add to your already known English vocabulary. The application also includes interesting options for learning grammar. You can browse through the conjugations of the verbs and the irregular ones will be remembered for good.

English Grammar – Learn & Quiz (SS Media Labs)

The application is perfect for intermediate or advanced people who need a functional tool to expand their knowledge of English language. The entire application is in English and has a simple interface. In the application you will find tenses described in English, basic grammar, speech exercises and tests to check the level of knowledge. The application is intended rather for adults who need to have constant access to materials with the grammatical structure of English sentences.

English Idioms and Phrases (SevenLynx)

If you already know the basics of pronunciation and have a certain amount of vocabulary in English, you can include an app for learning English idioms and expressions in your learning. The app is great for people who need to improve their English speaking skills and want to speak fluently, naturally, like native speakers. Expand your knowledge of idioms, phrases and English expressions and cleverly use them in conversations. The app is rather intended for adults on advanced English level as it is entirely in English and does not contain the basics.

Memrise (Memrise)

Memrise is another lightweight and fun app for learning English. It includes a large number of custom and diverse courses. In this application, everyone will find something for themselves, regardless of the level of language knowledge and age. Here you can choose a course at the appropriate level and do subsequent tasks. You get points for them, which in turn allow to achieve new levels and badges. The tasks available in the application are very similar to those from English textbooks, but are enriched with practical visual and interactive materials, on the basis of which you have to take various actions. The entire program is intuitive and perfectly developed.

FunEasyLearn – Learn languages (FunEasyLearn)

It is an excellent offer for the youngest English language students who have their own smartphone or can use their parents’ smartphone. The application allows for effective learning through play. It broadens the basic vocabulary and is very user-friendly. Each word contains dedicated colorful graphics and a transcription of the pronunciation, which make it easier for the youngest to gain new knowledge. The application interface is very clear, which means that even a small child can use it. The application is a great choice for children who want to remind already known words and learn new ones. Using the application is completely free.

Paid applications for learning English

Most apps for learning English are free, but there are also paid options available. It is worth downloading the app first and checking directly there – or looking at the description in the Google Play or the App Store.


Apps for learning English for kids

If you want to teach children with the help of an app, you can try the above recommendations – especially if you have older children. Duolingo is transparent and colorful, so it should appeal even to few-year-olds. However, we have a few suggestions especially for children:

Timmy’s First Words in English

This application and related ones (Timmy’s Learning New Skills, Timmy’s Starting to Read) are developed by the British Council. This way you can be sure that the material in the program is 100% valuable. The app features Timmy the lamb and his friends. The child learns here through games and activities. A few minutes a day is enough for your little one to make progress – without even noticing it! Instead of cramming, your child will have a good time. Learning English will be a pleasure for your child. Timmi’s apps are free.

LearnEnglish Kids: Playtime

The British Council is also responsible for the production of this app. It can be used by children from 6 to 11 years of age. Here they will find a lot of videos and animations that will help them develop their vocabulary. This method of learning will certainly work for kids who love cartoons! The application is free.

Fun English: Teach English

This app is free (for 30 days) and then you need to purchase a subscription. With this app you will get access to English lessons and many games for children from 3 to 8 years old. The app can be used offline, and the game is voiced by teachers with an American and British accent.

Remember that when you learn at Novakid, you have the opportunity to use the application and our special platform. The app provides information from teachers about your child’s progress, homework assignments and recognitions. With a modern approach to learning, children are more willing to participate in classes and are more active.

Learning vocabulary is fun and learning a language is much more efficient if you can learn it in a fun and stress-free way. Apps help with this and provide a lot of data on what is going well for you and what needs improvement. Let us know what apps you are using!

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