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How to pronounce "macabre"?

How to pronounce "macabre"?
Hey, today at night i was reading a Halloween-themed book to my children, I read the word "macabre." Wanting to make sure I pronounce it correctly during our spooky storytime, I thought I'd ask you for the proper pronunciation.
1 month ago
1 answers
 Jeanette K
 Jeanette K
Jeanette_Kotze - Tutor account
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South Africa

Hello there! 

It’s actually a great question, and a word I often find interesting in terms of the British and American pronunciation. 

You can pronounce it as ‘muh-kaa-bruh’ making sure to not to use ‘oe’ for the ‘u’ sounds. Alternatively, you can use ‘muh-kaab’ for a more American accent. 

1 month ago
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