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A Novakid English course for children
Fun English
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The world is closer than it seems. How Novakid virtual tours help your child learn English and more

Table of contents

Imagine walking tours through museums in London or Lord of the Rings film locations in New Zealand that young students can take from the comfort of their home. On these walks, they can carefully examine objects and interiors, turning them around 360°. Our Virtual Explorer tours take place in the company of an English-speaking guide — a Novakid English teacher.


100 routes for the insatiably curious

Visit the Galapagos Islands and the Iguazu Falls, see penguins in Antarctica and the world’s first aeroplane (and even climb inside), walk through a bustling bazaar in India, ride around Trafalgar Square on a skateboard, and do many more interesting things! 

During the classes, the child and the teacher explore the world together and talk about it in English.

The teaching is based on the method of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), promoted by British sociologist David Marsh. The bilingual approach is based on the fact that the child not only practises a foreign language, but learns something else interesting at the same time — in this case, through virtual tours.


Fight procrastination and go to Costa Rica

We’ve added four new lessons to our Virtual Explorer course. There are now exactly one hundred VR walks! 

  • Time management training. Children will learn how to plan their day wisely, schedule lessons, avoid ‘time traps’ and fight procrastination.
  • Gap yearthe one-year gap between finishing high school and entering a higher education institution. During this time, young people travel around the country and the world and decide what they want to do in life.
  • Volunteer tourism is another popular idea. And it allows you to travel around the world for free! You can save turtles in Costa Rica, take care of pandas in China, or look after wild horses in the USA.  In most cases, only the flights are paid, and the host country provides accommodation and food in exchange for help in the form of unpaid work. During this virtual journey, students will visit Guatemala, Costa Rica, Tanzania and Nepal. This journey will allow them to draw their own conclusions about ‘voluntourism’ and, perhaps, even encourage them to plan an exciting real-life trip in the future! The main thing is to tighten up your language skills by then.
  • Exams are an exciting time. In this lesson, students learn about different types of exams around the world. They will also discover a lot of exam prep life hacks from different countries (but no cheat sheets!). Although…

Virtual Explorer allows children to discuss interesting topics, talk about global trends and problems, and see for themselves things that are hard to imagine! 

If your child is already studying at Novakid and you want to try the Virtual Explorer course, write to our support chat in your account. Please note: Virtual Explorer is available to Novakid students aged 10 and over with an English level of A2–B1. 

If your child isn’t one of our students yet, sign them up for a free introductory lesson! The teacher will show you our interactive platform, assess their level of knowledge and deliver a full-length English lesson. 🙂 

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