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The best cartoons for learning English

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Knowing foreign languages well, including English, is essential for success these days. Nowadays, we work and learn globally. We also use foreign science, technology, culture, and entertainment every day, so English is more useful than ever. 

Thanks to learning English from an early age, even a young child can enjoy English-language works of culture and art, make friends with their peers from another country, or simply look at the world from a wider perspective.

Unfortunately, many children find learning, including learning foreign languages, tedious and difficult. To avoid this, it is worth choosing the right learning methods and matching them to the child’s interests and level of proficiency, and trying to make teaching English fun. 

One of the best ways to learn English from an early age is to watch cartoons in English, supporting the learning process. Learning English from famous English cartoons will be enjoyable and fun for your child. In addition, your kid will pick up many useful words while you watch the animated shows together, and will be able to use them in everyday situations. 

Discover the best cartoons for learning English and start watching them with your child today! Learning English with cartoons will make it exciting and effortless for your kid. 

Why is using cartoons for learning English beneficial to your child?

Many parents say that watching TV is unhealthy for their children and has no value. They couldn’t be more wrong! Of course, leaving your child alone in front of the TV for the whole day and giving them uncontrolled access to every program is not the best choice.

However, there is nothing wrong with watching TV with your child and choosing together valuable English cartoons or shows that teach as well as entertain. Help your kid learn English vocabulary and grammar, as well as immerse themselves in English pronunciation, without stress or long hours of memorizing. 

Select some English cartoons for children, which will make learning English a fun and exciting experience. Combine what’s pleasurable with what’s beneficial. Pick your favorite cartoon for learning English and go with the flow!

Why learning English from cartoons is good for beginner students, you may ask? Watching a cartoon in English with your child brings a host of benefits.

  • English cartoons can be watched almost anywhere and whenever you want. Such entertainment combined with learning is the perfect way to spend cold and rainy cold days when you can’t go outside. 
  • When you watch cartoons with your child, you do something together and strengthen your bond with each other. Given the busy lifestyle of most modern parents, watching English cartoons together with your child can be very satisfying for all of you. 
  • Furthermore, English cartoons for kids allow them to become familiar with the correct pronunciation of words, expand their vocabulary, and learn the correct syntax and the basic principles of English grammar from the dialogues spoken by cartoon characters.

The best cartoons for children learning English

Below you can find some of the most interesting and engaging animated TV series and English cartoons for beginners, which we believe are the best for learning English. Discover together which English cartoon you like the most. Maybe your child could quite soon have a new, favorite English-speaking character from a cartoon and will start talking about them enthusiastically in English… So, what is the best cartoon to learn English? Let’s find out!

Peppa Pig

The adventures of Peppa Pig and her funny family are eagerly followed by children all over the world, and this English cartoon is extremely popular everywhere. This British production first aired in 2004 and since then has had as many as 379 episodes. 

The cartoon is aimed mainly at preschool children who are just starting their adventure with English. The episodes are only 5 minutes long — short enough for preschoolers to focus all their attention on them. In addition, Peppa’s adventures in the cartoon are straightforward and easy to understand. 

The characters use the simplest and most common English vocabulary. They speak pure English, without any slang, and at a pace slow enough for a child to understand. Great English cartoon for beginner preschool students! 

Sesame Street

First broadcasted in 1969, this is a real classic among cartoons for learning English. The main goal of this American production, which has as many as 4,300 episodes, is education through play; adapted to the level of both older and younger children. 

The adventures of the funny characters living on Sesame Street are easy to follow, and your child will have no problem keeping up with the uncomplicated story in English. 

Besides, it doesn’t take long to convince anyone to like characters such as Elmo, Kermit, or Cookie Monster. We’re sure that learning English together with the Sesame Street characters will be great fun for your child and will help them to make rapid progress with the language. A must-see English cartoon for younger and older kids – even for their parents for sentimental reasons! 

Martha Speaks

Martha Speaks, as the name suggests, is an English cartoon for children that aims to encourage them to actively watch and pronounce newly learned English words. The cartoon tells the story of a dog who has learned to speak after eating the alphabet soup. 

This famous English cartoon is especially recommended for very young children, as each episode focuses on new phrases that are repeated several times during the episode in different contexts. This makes it easier for children to remember them and pronounce them correctly at the end of the episode. 

Martha Speaks is an extremely smart English cartoon for preschool children who want to learn new English words which they can use later in their everyday lives. It’s the best English cartoon pick for children, who already had some contact with English in preschool.


This Canadian-American animated series for children about the adventures of Arthur is another excellent option for learning English from TV series for children. The cartoon in English first aired in 1996, and has so far run for 246 episodes. 

The main character, Arthur, lives with his parents and sister in a city of happy animals and attends school just like other animals. However, instead of going home after school, Arthur and his friends constantly go on detective expeditions to find answers to important questions. 

This English cartoon for children not only helps in learning English but also touches on many essential life issues such as personalities, interests, and illnesses. This is a very interesting English cartoon for children who are slightly older and want to expand their worldview a bit.

The Magic School Bus

What child would not like to get on a magical school bus during lessons in school or preschool and get to know the world from a completely new perspective? The Magic School Bus offers such a possibility. This is one of the best English cartoons for primary school that was ever created! 

This American-Canadian TV show was first broadcast in 1994. The main characters are Miss Frizzle and her class, who go on exciting trips deep inside the human body, into the Earth’s interior, into the infinity of space, or inside electrical cables during lessons. And that’s just the beginning! 

By watching this English cartoon, your child can safely participate in these amazing adventures and learn a lot about how the world around them works with the use of English vocabulary. The story describes the world as it is in English in a very factual way and allows children to learn more advanced vocabulary, which they can later use in different situations. It’s a great cartoon for learning English that will make your child curious about the surrounding world! 

Which English cartoons are your kid’s favorite? Let us know in the comments section below. Do you use cartoons to learn English at home? What benefits do English cartoons for learning English have for your child? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion! We’re always happy to hear from you! 

If cartoons for kids learning English are something you want to explore more, sign up for a free trial lesson at Novakid, and check out the endless possibilities!


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