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The best Disney movies to learn English through storytelling 

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Animated movies are a good way to encourage kids to learn English. They may provide great entertainment, at the same time allowing a child to get familiar with both basic and more elaborate vocabulary. Vast array of such films allows you to pick the right one for the kid’s age, as they often adopt language that may be easily understood by younger viewers. The Disney Animation Studios is certainly the group of filmmakers you want to look at. Their films are loved around the world, and for a good reason.

How to make a good Disney movie?

Their formula seems quite simple, however, it is not easy to make into an actual movie. Most Disney animations include a compelling story, interesting characters (with the antagonist sometimes playing a significant part) and an adequate ending where the heroes are rewarded, and the villains are punished or, at least, learn their lesson. The films are beautifully animated, whether we speak about the 1940s movies which needed all frames to be drawn by hand or modern computer-animated movies which are capable of showing almost everything in excruciating detail.

The Lion King

This classic Disney movie tells a story of a lion cub who loses his father, and must escape from his uncle who wants to take over power from the deceased king of the jungle. Accompanied by his only true friends, a meerkat and a warthog, he comes of age, finds true love, and eventually reclaims his realm, avenging the dead father.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

That story tells about a character that is despised and feared because of his appearance. As the story goes on, the protagonist is able to emancipate from the character who helped him in the past but also took advantage of him to pursue his own goals. A tale about getting independent, falling in love and following what is true and right despite having been hated and despised by the public.

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A classic tale of Princess Elsa, this time with said princess being cursed, or gifted, depending how you look at it, with the power of ice. As Elsa chooses exile to ensure no more accidents happen (as she is still remorseful having harmed her sister Anna when they were kids), Anna sets off to find her in her ice castle to talk her into a return to save her kingdom from a false prince trying to take over. The story is concluded with a happy ending, however, the adventures of Princess Anna are very moving and educational at the same time.

Finding Nemo

This one and the next are actually Pixar movies, but these are released by Disney as well. Finding Nemo is a film about fatherly love, using an anthropomorphic (as is often the case with animals in animated movies) common clownfish who is a lonely father taking care of his son after his wife was taken by the perils of the ocean. When his son is abducted having risked too much despite his father clearly forbidding him to do so, he ventures on a long trip to save his boy from any danger. This is also a lesson for any parent when to let go and let children be independent.

Inside Out

This movie features an excellent concept where five major feelings are depicted as characters living inside the mind of a teenage girl (well, and the minds of her parents as well). This is a starting point for a lot of jokes, however, the filmmakers used it to teach us something about feelings. And they did it with a lot of commitment, consulting their work with reputed psychologists. This film explains how our feelings work, and does it with endearing ease.

Novakid Animated Comic Stories

Novakid also has an ambition to join other producers of animated movies. Novakid Tales are supposed to ensure students are learning English, encouraged by a compelling tale. The Magic Academy, established by Novakid, creates stories with eye-catching characters  to enjoy and to ensure children are learning English in a friendly environment. This effort is intended for parents who want their kids to be shown an appropriate incentive to enhance their English vocabulary and get familiar with the ways of building sentences in English. This is quite easy by listening to funny, interesting, animated characters interacting with each other, presenting the right way to use English words in sentences. 

Let us know your favorite Disney movie in the comment section below!

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