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Cartoons and movies
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Learn English with videos – best cartoons for learning English for kids
Whether adults want it or not, modern children cannot imagine their life without videos. Various devices have become ingrained in our everyday lives, and they largely determine the way of perception of information of a whole generation. Arrow icon
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‘Easy Breezy’: Week 3
For the 3rd week of our Novakid Easy Breezy online summer camp, the topic is – “Move Your Body!” In lessons with native speakers, your kids will discover the secrets to all the different kinds of sports. From everyone’s favourite football, to exotic cricket and rugby – the young campers will improve their sports vocabulary. It’ll be even more fun to watch the Olympics in Tokyo! Arrow icon
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‘Easy Beezy’: Week 2
Is it possible to learn a bunch of useful words in English, make this summer’s most popular toy—Pop It—and watch a ton of awesome cartoons, all in just 7 days? Of course it is! We’ll do all of this and more in the 2nd week of the Novakid Virtual Camp—Easy Breezy! This week’s topic is “free time and leisure”. Arrow icon
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‘Easy Breezy’: Week 1
Novakid—#1 online English education platform in Europe presents an Online Summer Camp “Easy Breezy”. 7 weeks of exciting English lessons, nifty workshops and mindblowing animation masterpieces await our young participants. You can join in from July 12 until August 29, 2021 on our website, The best part, it’s free! Arrow icon
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