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By the curves of the Danube: a guide to Hungary with travel blogger Greta 

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The summer continues, and so do our virtual trips to the world’s most exciting places!

Today, we’re heading to Hungary — birthplace of the famous Rubik’s Cube. 9-year-old Novakid online English school travel blogger Greta will tell us all about her country and its attractions.

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So… we’ve been to Hungary!  We’re seen so many amazing things: the majestic River Danube, and the opulent capital, Budapest, with its suspension bridges, churches and old castle. To add to that, the Hungarians have their lakes: Balaton and Velence. Here you can swim to your heart’s content and even learn stand-up paddleboarding. Feeling hungry after all that exercise? No problem! They know all about good food in Hungary. Hearty goulash, kifli yeast bread rolls, kürtőskalács spit cakes… Mmmm! Delicious! 

Would you like more interesting journeys? We’ve already learned about the picturesque Canary Islands with Marta and walked through Italy’s Val Chisone valley with Elisa and the small Polish town of Wąbrzeźno with Tymoteusz. We’ve also got to know Munich — the city of BMW, the Oktoberfest and Bayern Munich football club — with Emilian.

From Samarkand to Disneyland: where Novakid students and their parents dream of going

For your dreams to come true, you’ve got to dream in the first place. Tell us about your dream trip in the comments on this publication for a chance to win a prize of $15 in bonuses from Novakid! 

Dozens of children and their parents from all over the world have already joined our virtual flash mob. For example, Sofia from Romania wants to go to Disneyland Paris to meet Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the Disney princesses. Ilaria plans to go on a big road trip from her native Italy to sunny Samarkand in Uzbekistan.  Maria from Russia fancies to Australia, where she’ll definitely need English. Yaman from Turkey also dreams of going there. He would also like to study the mysteries of ancient civilisations in Peru, see the Northern Lights and ride a reindeer-drawn sleigh in Norway. Марк from Spain dreams of going to Futuroscope, a French theme park famous for its virtual reality attractions.

Where would you like to go? Tell us in the comments! 🙂 


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