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5 Novakid success stories: from studying English to the worlds of film, sport and business

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We’ve collected stories from children around the world who have proved that being able to speak English has helped them to achieve their dream. Share your inspiring story in the comments section below and stand a chance to win a year’s worth of English lessons!

Lights, camera, action!

The ability to speak English has helped Turkish schoolboy Kartal Bilcanlı to be able to audition for a part on a show with an American director. He is a talented actor, but his talent wasn’t enough to land him a role in his new Netflix project.

The series was filmed in English, and through successfully completing a course at Novakid, this 11-year-old actor felt confident during his audition, enabling him to win the part!


Our next inspiring story comes from Spain! Alvaro has been studying English at Novakid for eighteen months with great success. This 12-year-old boy dreams of a career in Hollywood and is clearly on the right path.

Alvaro already has 26 major projects in his portfolio — from adverts to full-length films. But he understood that his English needed to be perfect for him to be able to land international roles. He had previously received a Disney script, but his English wasn’t good enough at the time for him to be able to audition for the part.  But now he is getting closer to his dream each day!

Change the world? Why not?

Ema Hosoi is surely one of Japan’s youngest entrepreneurs. This 11-year-old Tokyo schoolgirl is the president of Moco Earth Co., Ltd., a company that runs educational workshops for children about the environment. 

She is inspired by the idea of giving objects a second life, and thus minimising damage to the environment. And in order to tell as many people as possible around the world about her initiative, she needed to know how to speak English.

Novakid was impressed by Ema’s determination and rewarded her initiative by giving her a year’s worth of free lessons. Now she’s a step closer towards achieving her dream of changing the world through upcycling.

A ‘millionaire’ with great prospects

Thomas Morávek is Novakid’s international ambassador in Czechia. The boy wowed our judging panel when they watched the video he created with his younger sister Elis. 

In fact, the pair are already extremely popular bloggers. Their YouTube channel has over2.5 million subscribers! Despite these impressive figures, they are unknown outside their home country at the moment. This means the talented youngsters have incredible scope for growing their audience.

Tomáš loves travelling and would like to see the Northern Lights at least once in his lifetime and visit Canada to play ice hockey (he is a big fan of the sport!). For now his is a true Novakid brand ambassador, dancing enthusiastically to our new Novakid hit Banana Fish Pizza!

A Russian ambassador

David is a Novakid ambassador who lives in Russia. Even though he is only 8 years old, he’s a serious competitor, which is hardly surprising, as he is a kickboxing champion!

David is progressing very well with his English lessons. He enjoys practising English by talking to friends abroad. He dreams about having his own cooking blog and recording interesting videos in English for it. We’re sure his dream will come true!

It’s time for your story

We’re looking for your child’s success story, no matter how big or small, linked to learning English. Share these stories with Novakid!

Ask your children to write a story about how their knowledge of English has helped them to make a new friend, order a meal for their whole family when on holiday or even help them to get cast for an international project! 

Post your story in the comments section by 26 August for a chance to win a year’s worth of English lessons at Novakid or be entered into a draw to win prizes worth $15 in bonuses to spend on English lessons with us.

Our judging panel will assess the stories for originality, literacy and narrative. Please let your child write their story themselves. It’s very important for us to hear it in their own words! There’s no word limit.

We can’t wait to read your stories! 😊

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