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Fun English
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How do you learn English on your own? Methods available to everyone!
In the 21st century, the era of information and digital technologies, only lazy people are unable to find a way to expand their skills and knowledge of English. So, if you still don’t know what to do or if you’re looking for interesting learning options, check out the list below. Ready, set, go! Arrow icon
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Novakid for parents
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How to teach kids English
When people hear “English for kids” they associate it with something entertaining: playing, singing, dancing. Of course, if you only sing and dance, you won’t learn much. But if you prepare special English lessons and use singing and dancing as a learning tool, then it’s a whole different story. Arrow icon
Child learning on a computer
Novakid for parents
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How to teach your child English: modern methods and techniques
Modern methods of teaching a foreign language include a lot of unconventional approaches, especially when teaching English to kids. If you compare teaching kids to teaching pre-schoolers, it certainly seems unorthodox, because the principles and approaches are totally different. Arrow icon
Do you speak english, boy writing on the board
Fun English
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What is the Purpose of Teaching Children English Pronunciation?
The key objective of learning English is to be able to comprehend speech and make yourself understood in English. At the same time, it is mistakenly assumed that the key to comprehension is sufficient knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. Arrow icon
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Novakid for parents
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How to choose language courses for children. Tips for parents.
Each new school year begins with the same questions: what clubs and extra-curricular activities should my child enrol in? And if you pick English, you are presented with a lot of options… Arrow icon
Toys made out of toilet paper
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“Spooky” Monsters Masterclass for Jolly Halloween Party
Join a Halloween Live Stream on Novakid’s YouTube channel and let’s create monsters! Arrow icon
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