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Novakid top online learning platform for children
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Novakid top online learning platform for children

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In an independent survey, Novakid was recently awarded by DEUTSCHLAND TEST, a renowned German quality label. 9 companies made it onto the list of top providers in 2023, and Novakid is in 2nd place.

In 2022, the online English school for children was already in the top 5 of the annual customer survey. Due to Novakid’s increasing popularity in Germany, this year we are among the top 3 online learning platforms for children.

DEUTSCHLAND TEST confirms superior quality

The customer survey was conducted by the German market research institute ServiceValue on behalf of DEUTSCHLAND TEST. A total of 32,805 customers voted on 256 providers. The providers were assigned to 17 categories from the area of “continuing education offers”.

The respondents were asked, “Overall, how satisfied are you with the provider’s products/services…?”, and prompted to give scores from 1 to 6, with 1 meaning “delighted” and 6 “not satisfied”. 

Novakid scored exceptionally well and ranks 2nd on the list!

The results of the customer survey can be found on page 94-97 in issue 05/23 of the German FOCUS magazine.

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