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How does Novakid apply virtual reality in education?
Fun English
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How does Novakid apply virtual reality in education?

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Novakid is excited and proud to present its most interactive and most advanced level to the family: Virtual Explorer! 

This level, which bridges the A2 and B1 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), features over 100 beautifully designed immersive lessons.

As with our previous English programmes, students learn and practise new vocabulary and grammar in a fully immersive environment and they’ll take their reading skills to the next level with a series of rich texts to absorb and discuss. 

Students who have studied previous levels at Novakid will already have enjoyed regular classes devoted to Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). In Virtual Explorer, we extend this strategy by giving every single lesson its own theme. 

Focus on Higher Order Thinking Skills

In tandem, we introduce a focus on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), which students develop through a series of rich and engaging topics. HOTS build on students’ existing language skills and ways of thinking by encouraging creativity, evaluation and analysis. 

These are invaluable life skills that they will have the opportunity to practise and develop while strengthening their core linguistic skills. 

Higher Order Thinking Skills are fantastic for a student’s growth because they can adapt these skills more effectively to situations and contexts beyond the classroom.

The Communicative Approach

Virtual Explorer is a diverse level that follows the Communicative Approach, so students develop their communication skills in a range of different ways. 

They get creative and innovative in the areas of art, music and city planning. They celebrate human achievements in a wide range of fields including sport, literature and exploration. They make real-life choices, which exercise their decision-making skills. They participate in open dialogue that fosters active listening skills. 

Although the level is packed with complex and stimulating texts, we do so much more than impart information. We give the student space to go deep into the material and develop an understanding beyond what is explicitly presented.

Virtual Reality

In every lesson, students visit at least one virtual reality slide powered by Google Street View. The slides consist of 360-degree photographs, where our students can virtually step into the world they’re learning about: unique, often breathtaking places! 

One great benefit of virtual reality in education is total immersion in the world you’re learning about – which is excellent for retention. 

A student will leave each lesson having read about, discussed and explored a place, time in history or a topic that may have been new to them in an interesting, engaging manner. 

Find out more about the Virtual Explorer course and how Novakid is using virtual reality in education in this article!


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