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How to use YouTube to learn English?

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Children learn English from an early age, also with the use of the Internet, especially YouTube. To make English more attractive for children, YouTube offers many different forms: watching movies, online lessons conducted by teachers, as well as games and activities.

How to choose the best form of learning for your child?

First of all, you must consider what may be interesting for your child. YouTube offers many channels that enrich English for children, but the choice of a specific form is an individual matter. It all depends on the child’s age, preferences and how easy they learn a new language. Parents often don’t know how to make that choice. Where to start? You can start by trial and error method to see what will help your child learn the best. It is also worth remembering that the more a child is interested in the chosen form, the more they enjoy it and the more fruitful learning can be.

What about younger children?

Younger children most often pay attention to colors and animals first, which is why many channels focus on the presentation of talking, colorful animals. Currently, 4-year-old children often use phones and watch English videos on YouTube. It is good when parents try to combine it with learning. Just type in a search term like English for kids, preschoolers, 4-year-olds or English for children, and the YouTube door is “wide open”. Videos and songs in English are catchy and are often repeated by children. The children then want to show off the newly learned song to the rest of the family. It is an effective form of learning because the words memorized in this way remain in their memory. Games and activities keep children occupied, learning and spending time with loved ones, which we so often miss today. Such methods of learning English for the youngest are also offered by Novakid!

And what about older children?

English for children on YouTube is now so developed that there is something for everyone. Older children, e.g. 8-10-year-olds, are usually interested in other topics than the young ones. For older children who are passionate about nature, for example, there are many English-language themed films, while even older ones can find quite a few channels about cars, music or fashion.

By listening to the language, children learn it very effectively, and improve the pronunciation of many words, because they try to repeat them in the right way. The most-watched suggestions, related to the student’s interests, will be the most effective. If you see a child’s interest in a specific fairy tale or document, you can turn it on in English. While watching, the child will even unconsciously learn many words and phrases.

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