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‘Easy Breezy’: Week 1
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‘Easy Breezy’: Week 1

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Wholesome holidays with the ‘Easy Breezy’ Online Summer Camp: fun English, workshops and world animation hits.

Novakid—#1 online English education platform in Europe presents an Online Summer Camp “Easy Breezy”.

7 weeks of exciting English lessons, nifty workshops and mindblowing animation masterpieces await our young participants.

You can join in from July 12 until August 29, 2021 on our website, The best part, it’s free!

The summer is an entire lifetime and a big celebration. Novakid invites you to put your summer to good use with our online summer camp Easy Breezy – it’s a festival of English cartoons, 21 workshops to boost creativity and just as many open English lessons with the best teachers at Novakid.

Those taking part in Easy Breezy get a weekly package of three lessons and three workshops. Every week has its own theme: hobbies, music, sports, cooking, careers, animals, travel; and the lessons are led by native speaker teachers. Thanks to its playful format, camp members can go beyond simply getting ahead in their English studies—they can learn to really love the English language.

During their practical classes, the kids will learn to draw using unusual techniques, make crafts and toys, set up mini-experiments and even try their luck in the culinary arts.

The most active members of the Easy Breezy camp will take part in a prize draw. Watch cartoons, make crafts, have fun lessons and get presents? Easy peasy!

You can find the enitre itinerary of the Easy Breezy Summer Camp on our website.

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