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Take It Easy with Easy Breezy: Novakid re-launches its virtual summer camp for children
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Take It Easy with Easy Breezy: Novakid re-launches its virtual summer camp for children

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Are you looking for the perfect combination of meaningful and fun activities for children during the summer holidays?

Novakid, Europe’s leading online English school, believes that entertaining and engaging pastimes allow children to explore the world in a fun way while still teaching them through play.

To provide children with edutainment during the summer holidays and to give them a chance to make new friends from all over the globe, Novakid has launched the second edition of the Easy Breezy Summer Camp.

“This year’s Easy Breezy Summer Camp offers the opportunity for children to learn more about the world together with their peers from all across the globe. The English language plays a crucial role as a tool for sharing and communicating ideas, thoughts and knowledge as well as getting to know each other. We believe the meaningful interactions between children is a step forward for a better future. This summer, kids will immerse themselves in an entertaining online programme in a community of like-minded peers of the same age, practise their English, discover the world and spend their time productively during their vacation,” – explains Max Azarov, Novakid’s CEO, when asked about the idea behind the Easy Breezy Summer Camp.

During this 3-month immersive online programme, young learners between 4 and 15 years of age will participate in dozens of educational activities, gamified English lessons, and entertaining workshops on crafts, cooking, acting, art, programming, lego and minecraft from Novakid’s teachers and experts.

“Each day’s session starts with a workout specifically designed for children. These daily exercise workouts and online yoga sessions will improve your child’s concentration and focus for the day,” adds Olesya Lieber, Head of brand development and special projects at Novakid, who is also a mother of two children.

Children will also have a chance to explore the world and engage in live-streamed field trips! They will virtually travel around the globe to visit farms in the USA, meet funny penguins in Cape Town and explore New York and Bangkok, experience incredible Rio de Janeiro, explore stunning New Zealand and get to know other amazing places! Live-streamed sessions will be complemented with self-paced learning activities.

Language immersion via edutainment without leaving the house

All of the activities, challenges and workshops in the Easy Breezy Summer Camp programme will be held in English, providing children with language immersion experiences from their homes.

The content is developed primarily within the frames of the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) approach that allows children to learn English while getting to know other subjects.

By focusing on the integration of English into the activities on interesting children’s topics, it increases their motivation to learn the language.

Through the Easy Breezy Summer Camp, children will have an opportunity to extend their vocabulary in a fun way and put their knowledge into practice with peers.

Children will retain their language skills better when they continue to use them during the school holidays. These online sessions are the ideal way to let children have some fun in their school break without losing their hard-earned English language skills.

Easy Breezy community: safe and secure space for meaningful interaction between children

Children will have the opportunity to make friends from across the globe when they join the Easy Breezy Summer Camp. In a community-centred and safe environment, the children will be able to connect with their peers from different countries via a constantly moderated and secure chat.

“The moderators will make sure the chat remains the friendliest online community on the planet and they are available 7 days a week if the children ever have questions,” highlights Olesya Lieber.

This child-friendly ecosystem will help develop cross-cultural communication, explore the world with peers and make meaningful friendships!

Find out more about Easy Breezy Summer Camp and sign your child up!

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