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Easy Breezy

Online Summer Camp

for kids 4-15 years old
Exclusive online edutainment for kids during the summer holidays!
Online edutainment for kids during the summer holidays!
Learn the English language and practice speaking with friends from around the globe.
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Participate in challenges, be taken on 3D adventures and enjoy demonstrations on a variety of fun subjects.
Make friends with children from across the world to practice what they have learnt.

What is the Easy Breezy Summer Camp?


Group lessons

over 24 entertaining lessons and activities per month

Challenges & Activities

do homework, earn badges and win prizes

Chat with other kids

safe and secure online conversations
Your children will learn, play and speak in English while making new friends from different countries!

Age groups

7 +
10 +


Morning work-out
What better way to start the day than with an energising workout! Get your child’s body and mind excited and ready for all the activities of the day with our easy, fun and invigorating exercises! Your children will learn useful words related to exercise, and can use them in everyday speech while staying physically active and healthy at the same time.
We live in a beautiful world, and in this lesson your child will get to see some of this planet’s natural and man-made wonders! Together we will travel across the globe, experiencing the most stunning sights the world has to offer. As they take these classes, your child’s appreciation of the world around them will deepen and grow.
In these classes, your child will follow simple, clear instructions to create delicious, creative dishes, and the best part is that you and your children can eat the tasty treats afterwards! These classes will not require the use of an oven, but a butter knife will be used to spread and cut soft foods. Students who participate in this activity should have an adult nearby to assist if the need arises.
Arts and Crafts
The goal of our art classes is to foster the joy of creativity while building students’ self-confidence, fine motor skills, focus and, of course, English language skills. Using a range of techniques including sketching, moulding clay and using watercolours, they will grow in confidence, develop their creativity and strengthen their language skills while creating pieces of art they can truly be proud of!
Kids yoga
Did you know that Harvard Medical School has done studies to show that yoga improves both physical and mental health in children. While doing yoga movements children have fun, improve their self-esteem, academic performance, focus and memory. Join us in this energising class to reduce anxiety and stress. This is a class to get some workout done in an exciting way! Yoga combines physical and mental disciplines that help to achieve calmness of body and mind. Children travel on an imaginary world of adventure, practising yoga poses with a teacher. Each lesson helps students practice yoga in an exciting way. This is a very creative way to learn some fun yoga poses, while entertaining children with stories and opening their imagination.
Singing Club
These classes offer your child the opportunity to sing, laugh and have fun with our amazing singing expert! Students will get to learn new songs, sing along with them and join in with the actions. Exposing children to music and singing at a young age helps with their brain development. It increases their ability to use language and gets them ready for reading. Moving to music helps students develop their gross motor skills and identifying rhythms and patterns in music helps children get ready for maths. And let's not forget, music is also lots of fun and great for learning English!
Learn how to convey thoughts and emotions through body language in these engaging, non-competitive lessons. In a relaxed, warm atmosphere, your child will learn basic performance skills as our expert teachers guide them. Whether your child is an outgoing extrovert or a little on the shy side, they will certainly enjoy these confidence-boosting classes.
Animal world
Join us for an animal adventure! During these interactive classes, we will see animals from all over the world. Together, we’ll virtually walk around farms, learn some fun facts about the animals and see how they live. We will also visit amazing places and get to know, and chat about a variety of pets. Not only will we chat about farm animals and pets, but we’ll also discover animals like.. llamas and pandas!
Easy Science
In these exciting, interactive lessons, your child will learn about science by conducting experiments, and observing and recording their findings. They will have a brilliant time observing, classifying, measuring, communicating, inferring and predicting as they better get to know how the world works.
Lego Club
Legendary LEGO! Let your children learn even more creative ways with LEGO. Students can discuss and demonstrate their current Lego builds with each other. They can improve their LEGO building skills by learning from an expert by watching what he is doing. No experience is required, just come and have fun! This is a great way to learn more about one of the most popular pastimes in the world!
During each of these lessons, your child will get to create one of the most iconic cities on the planet. Each class is designed in such a way that both beginners and experienced children can participate. These are excellent classes for technology-loving kids. The activities contained require problem-solving, multitasking, creativity and storytelling skills. Students will learn about different parts of the world and apply their knowledge to recreate famous landmarks in the world of Minecraft.
Enter a portal to a hidden world of computer games! See a new dimension to Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite and all the other games you love as you explore the world of programming. With the help of Scratch, a programming tool ideal for beginners, you will learn basic programming definitions and start to feel like a real computer programmer. Afterwards, you can download each game or project you have developed and share them with your friends! During the course, you will learn how to create a game from the very beginning. You will learn the rules of creating projects, programming game characters and the conditions of winning or losing. Join us today and become the hero of your own game! Don't delay! Enter the world of computer game programming today!

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