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The best cartoons for learning English

Knowing foreign languages well, including English, is essential for success these days. Nowadays, we work and learn globally. We also use foreign science, technology, culture and entertainment every day, so the English language is useful like never before. Thanks to the knowledge of English from an early age, even a few-year-old child can use English-language works of culture and art, make friends with their peers from another country, or simply look at the world from a wider perspective. 

Unfortunately, many children associate learning, including learning foreign languages, with a tedious, difficult and boring process. To avoid this, it is worth choosing the right learning methods and match them with the advance level and interests of the student and try to teach English in a pleasant way. One of the best ways to learn English from an early age is to watch stories with your child that teach English. Learning this way will be a great pleasure and fun for your child, and in addition, while watching fairy tales in English together, your child will learn many useful words and will be able to use them in everyday situations. Discover the best cartoons and series for learning English and start watching them with your child today!

Why is it worth watching cartoons teaching English with your child? 

Many parents say that watching TV is unhealthy for their children and has no value. They couldn’t be more wrong! Of course, if you leave your child alone in front of the TV for the whole day and give them uncontrolled access to all programs, then such a way of watching may end up very badly for your child. However, there is nothing wrong with watching TV with your child and choosing together “wise” cartoons and series that not only entertain but also teach. 

If you want your child to quickly learn the basics of English and immerse themselves in English pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar without stress, it is worth watching children’s stories in English with your child, preferably those intended specifically for learning English.

Watching fairy tales in English with a child gives a whole range of benefits. First of all, cartoons can be watched almost anywhere and whenever you want. Such entertainment combined with learning will be the perfect way to spend rainy and cold days when you can’t go outside. In addition, when you watch cartoons with your child, you do something together and strengthen the bond with each other. Considering the busy lifestyle of most modern parents, watching a fairy tale together with your child can be very satisfying for them. However, most importantly, English fairy tales for children allow a child to become familiar with the correct pronunciation of the English language, learn new words, and, based on the dialogues spoken by cartoon characters, learn the correct construction of sentences and the basic principles of English grammar. 

The best cartoons and series for children to learn English

Below you can find some of the most interesting and best series and cartoons for children which in our opinion are the best for learning English. Discover together with your child which cartoon you like the most. Who knows, maybe in a moment your child will have a new, favorite English-speaking character from a cartoon and will start talking about them enthusiastically in English? 

Peppa Pig

The adventures of Peppa Pig and her funny family are eagerly followed by kids all over the world and the cartoon is extremely popular everywhere. This British production first aired in 2004 and since then has had as many as 303 episodes, each of which only lasts 5 minutes. The cartoon is intended mainly for preschool children who are just starting their adventure with the English language. Hence, only 5-minute episodes make the most of the time during which the preschoolers can focus their attention. In addition, the adventures of Peppa Pig presented in the cartoon are always simple and understandable, and the characters use the simplest and most common English vocabulary. An additional advantage is a fact that the characters in Peppa Pig speak pure English, without any slang and at a pace that is sufficiently slow for a child to understand. 

Sesame Street

This cartoon from 1969 is a real classic among programmes for learning English. The main goal of this American production, which has as many as 4,300 episodes, is educating through play adapted to the level of both older and younger children. The adventures of the funny characters living on Sesame Street are easy to follow, and your child will have no problem keeping up with the uncomplicated story in English. Besides, it doesn’t take long to convince anyone to like characters such as Elmo, Kermit, or Cookie Monster. We guarantee that learning English with Sesame Street characters will be great fun for your child and will contribute to rapid language progress. 

Martha Speaks 

Martha Speaks, as the name suggests, is a cartoon for children in English, which aims to encourage them to actively watch and pronounce newly learned English words. The cartoon tells the story of a dog that learned to speak after eating soup made of letters. The story is especially recommended for learning English by the youngest, as each episode focuses on new phrases that are repeated several times during the episode in a different context. By using the same words multiple times in one episode, your child can easily remember them and pronounce them correctly at the end of the episode. Martha Speaks is an extremely smart story for preschool children who want to learn new English words so that they can use them later in their everyday life.


This Canadian-American animated series for children about the adventures of Arthur is another excellent proposition for learning English from TV series for children. The cartoon aired in 1996 and since then 246 episodes have been released. The main character of the series is Arthur, who lives with his parents and sister in the city of happy animals and attends school just like other animals. However, after class, instead of going back home, Arthur and his friends constantly go on detective expeditions to find answers to important questions. This English cartoon for children not only helps in learning English but also touches upon many important life issues such as personalities, interests, and diseases. A very interesting proposition for slightly older children who want to expand their worldview a bit. 

The Magic School Bus

Which child would not like to get on a magical school bus during classes in kindergarten or school and get to know the world from a completely new perspective? The Magic School Bus story gives such a possibility. The main characters of this American-Canadian story for children from 1994 are students of Mrs. Frizzle, who during the classes set off on exciting trips into the depths of a human body, into the interior of the earth, into the infinity of space, or inside electrical cables. And that’s just the beginning! By watching this story, your child can safely participate in these amazing adventures and learn a lot about the rules of the surrounding world with the use of English vocabulary. The story describes the world as it is in English in a very factual way and allows children to learn more advanced vocabulary that they can later use in various situations. 

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