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Hi! My name is Katrina M. I am a licensed teacher and I have acquired my certificates in Teaching English as Foreign Language. I have been teaching English both online and offline since 2019. My students are from 3 to 65 years from beginners to advanced learners. I taught students from different countries. For me, teaching is a profession, vocation, and mission where it teaches all other professions. Willian Arthur once said, " A mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher INSPIRES". I am inspiring, friendly, and outgoing. Let me help you learn English in a very simple way. We will apply what you already know and add something new each day. I will do my best to make our sessions lively, inspiring, and informative. We will make our lessons fun and engaging. After each lesson, you will learn a lot. My Superpower is that I can dance very well! Join me now and I will guide you in speaking in English. See you real soon!
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