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Hello! My name is teacher Hannah T. I have been teaching English since 2018. I have taught students aged between 3 to 15 who all had varying levels of English. Learning a new language can be tough, that’s why I believe that the perfect teacher needs to have three main qualities first they need to truly care about each student, they need to create a welcoming, positive, and fun learning environment, and third, they need to be able to engage their students in a meaningful way. I believe that I possess each of these qualities, I know each child is unique and has their own learning styles and abilities, I, therefore, ensure my lessons and teaching style is adapted in each class according to my student's abilities to ensure optimal learning is achieved. I enjoy cooking, exercising, reading, and playing with my two pets. I can’t wait to hear about your favorite things too. My superpower is the ability to find the perfect prop for any situation. Are you ready for an exciting, fun, and engaging lesson? See you soon!
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