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Hello! I'm Danielyn. I have been teaching English since 2019. I have taught students from 3 years old to 45 years old. My students come from all over the world. My teaching style is specialized according to the level of the student. I believe every child has great potential to succeed. I will help my students bring out the best in themselves. My lessons are interactive and interesting, making sure they're not only learning but having fun too. I use a variety of learning materials. I am a patient, kind, bubbly, and loving teacher. My students' learning is my top priority. I always encourage the students to do their best in everything they do, although it's fine to make mistakes because we can also learn something from them. In my spare time, I like playing with my kids, and I also teach them how to write and read. Teaching them is the most enjoyable thing to do, and, like you, I believe we will have an amazing journey together. I’m thrilled to be your teacher, and I can’t wait to see you shine!
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