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Hello! I have been teaching for more than 10 years offline as well as online since 2018. I taught both adults and children from pre-K to 18 years of age. Though I am a CELTA and a TESOL/TEFL certified and have excelled at and enjoyed teaching young adults, It is with younger children that I am at my happiest. I believe that a good teacher should always be prepared but never forget that one size does not fit all and that one style might not work for all students. I strive to tailor my lessons not only to the level of my students but their age, social anxieties as well and preferred learning style. I am dedicated to the well-being of my students, as such, I see to it that they get the best out of our lesson, ALWAYS! I am fun, interactive, energetic, and dedicated. Furthermore, my previous experience and education have prepared me to be an excellent teacher. Additionally, I am very well prepared with props, puppets, flashcards, a small whiteboard and markers and so many different hats and accessories that kids find amusing but not too distracting. I teach with passion, and I want to see your child succeed and gain the confidence they need to practice their acquired English knowledge and build on it. My superpower is I can speak 4 foreign languages and I am a surfer mom! I look forward to teaching and watching your child grow in their English learning path!
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