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Hi there, this is Teacher Cass, here are some important and interesting facts about myself. I have been an ESL Teacher since 2018. I have taught all ages from 4yrs-15yrs and even adults. My interest in teaching began when I was in high-school. I began volunteering as an assistant teacher from the age of 17. I would help younger students with tutoring, as my teachers were my mentors. My passion and work has always been academia, as I believe everybody deserves the best education. I believe in the power of education! After joining the ESL community, I fell in love with the international audience, as there was a sense of unity amongst different nationalities. I encourage all my students to speak as much as possible, and to ask me as many questions as possible. Curiosity is the key to knowledge. My lessons are educational, and I am patient with my students. I ensure to give them time to talk. In my spare time, I love reading and going for long walks. I also enjoy painting and playing guitar. I look forward to meeting you soon.
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