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Hello! I am Alex Ma. I am a teacher working in a high school and online. I am also a writer. I have been teaching English online since 2012. I love teaching because I can help others improve their skills. It gives me joy and excitement to meet learners around the world. In my class, I work with wonderful enthusiasm and positivity. I'm interested in many topics, and I'm happy to focus on my learners' goals. My classes are well supported by my creative, energetic teaching style, which will assist you with gaining better English skills. I use communicative language teaching tools that emphasize the student’s ability to communicate in real-life contexts, and students learn to make requests, accept offers, explain things, and express their feelings and preferences. If you book a class with me, you will have the chance to improve your pronunciation and fluency. As a professional teacher, I have a good methodology for working with all levels of students and, it is easy to learn with me. I also have the proper pedagogical experience to motivate you and help you gain self-confidence. My Superpowers are that I can understand more than 10 languages, and I can make you laugh whenever I want. Hope to see you in class.
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Alex Ma

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