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Colourfull english doors
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English colours for toddlers: how to make learning fun and effective?
In childhood the world seems especially colourful with a variety of different shades. In language learning the topic of colours is usually one of the first to study because it helps us to know more about the world around us. Arrow icon
Fun English
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Improve your English pronunciation – speak English like a native 
English pronunciation can be tricky. Improve your English pronunciation and feel confident speaking English like a native-speaker. Pronounce English better. Arrow icon
Novakid Ambassador
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Novakid launched a Brand Ambassador Programme!
Novakid School is excited to announce our first Brand Ambassador programme! We are looking for a family with kids aged 4-12 to represent Novakid International Online English School in all our marketing channels around the world. Arrow icon
Novakid for parents
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How to overcome fear of speaking English? Help your kid improve English speaking skills
Your kid is scared to speak English? Overcome the fear of public speaking! Find out ways to improve English speaking. Novakid helps kids learn English. Arrow icon
Child looking through a telescope
Fun English
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Virtual trips at Novakid are more than just English lessons
Content and language immersion, 3D tours and VR technologies: what does the Virtual Explorer course consist of on the Novakid platform? Arrow icon
Kid with the english flag
Fun English
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How do you learn English on your own? Methods available to everyone!
In the 21st century, the era of information and digital technologies, only lazy people are unable to find a way to expand their skills and knowledge of English. So, if you still don’t know what to do or if you’re looking for interesting learning options, check out the list below. Ready, set, go! Arrow icon
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