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Extracurricular activities – what to choose and not to discourage your child

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It would seem that children have so many duties every day at school that it is not worth burdening them with any extracurricular activities. But you couldn’t be more wrong. The mind of a small student in the early stages of their education is very receptive and, apart from typical school subjects, there is also room for various additional activities. Each child is different and each has completely different interests, passions or predispositions. That’s why choosing additional activities for a child should be guided by their interests.

Find out why extracurricular activities in and out of school are a good choice for your child and see how participation in various extracurricular activities can influence the future of your child. Here is a list of extracurricular activities that are worth choosing with a view to not discourage and overload the child.

Why is it worth to enroll your child in extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities for children are an opportunity to expand their knowledge and develop their interests. Moreover, extracurricular activities in or out of school have the advantage of having smaller groups than typical classroom learning, which allows the teacher to focus their attention individually on each child. Extracurricular activities enable the child to develop their skills more freely by asking more questions and getting more attention from the teacher.

Despite the fact that extracurricular activities are usually held in the afternoon after school, they are the best possible way to fill your child’s day. Thanks to extracurricular activities, the child has no time for boredom, and if such additional lessons are properly matched to the child’s interests, they can be a perfect relaxation and complement to the activities that the child has at school. The key to choosing the right extracurricular activities for children is that the chosen form of extracurricular activity gives the child joy and pleasure.

Extracurricular activities at school – what to choose?

Each school offers a broad range of extracurricular activities and various interest groups. It is recommended that you carefully look through the suggestions for such activities and, together with your child, choose those that seem interesting. Below, we have discussed some of the most common extracurricular activities for children in schools, and why you should choose them.

Foreign language classes

The first years of a child’s life are the period when the mind is the most receptive and susceptible to acquiring new knowledge. Foreign language teachers agree that the earlier a child starts learning a foreign language, the better the results will be in the future and there will be no the so-called language barrier. For additional English, German, French or Spanish classes, we can send children both in and out of school. Moreover, in order for a child to attend additional English classes, there’s no need to leave the house and commute anywhere. Learning English online with Novakid will allow your child to learn English via the computer with native speakers from all over the world, in the comfort of your own room.

Learning foreign languages during extracurricular activities is a huge investment in a child’s future. In addition, language classes are developmental, because they train memory, the speech apparatus and help to get used to other cultures and customs around the world.

Sports activities (football, basketball, swimming pool, corrective classes)

If your child cannot sit still during school, is constantly bursting with enormous energy and loves various physical and sports activities, then the best solution is to enroll the child in sports classes. The offer of sports activities for children, both in schools and in local clubs, is huge, so every child should find something for themselves.

Encouraging a child to engage in various forms of physical activity is an important matter, because nowadays children and youth spend a lot of time in front of computers, in a sitting position, which adversely affects their development and causes health problems in the future. As part of extracurricular sports activities, the child can go to the swimming pool, play team games, and also go to corrective gymnastics if he or she has bad posture.

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Art classes

They can come in various shapes or forms (painting, drawing course, sculpture, model making), but their common goal is to develop a child’s manual skills, build a sense of aesthetics and sensitivity to art. If you notice that your child draws nicely and willingly, art classes will allow them to expand their skills and give space to further development.

Music classes (playing an instrument, choir)

Music classes, such as piano, violin or guitar lessons, as well as singing or choir lessons are not only interesting forms of spending free time and developing sensitivity to art, but also develop cognitive abilities and support brain development, improve concentration and can be helpful when the child has difficulty with science, such as math.

Student research groups (science, mathematics, history)

All kinds of extracurricular classes that extend the knowledge of a given subject are a great opportunity for a child to satisfy the great curiosity of the world, especially in specific areas of interest. In each school, the child will find interest groups in practically all subjects. During such activities, the child will receive more attention from the teacher than in a standard classroom lesson, and will learn much more interesting things about the subject than in a typical lesson.

Dancing classes

Such extracurricular activities are an interesting form of combining sports and physical activities with artistic and music classes. Dancing helps to relieve excessive energy and negative emotions that may occur during the whole school day, but also improves the child’s condition and shapes the correct posture. A large group of girls choose ballet as part of their extracurricular activities because it combines elements of gymnastics with dance, and during ballet classes you can look beautiful like a little princess!


Scouting is a great choice for extra-curricular activities for children who feel comfortable in a group and want to belong and create a community. Moreover, scouting provides all-round development and is an excellent lesson in life and self-reliance. There is probably no other additional activity that will provide your child with as much unforgettable adventures and fun as scouting!

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