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English for Travel – Useful Phrases

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The holiday season is in full swing, so the only thing that you and your children think about is holidays, rest, relaxation by the water, in the mountains or in the allotment garden. Any form of outdoor entertainment that you offer to children will give them satisfaction, but when it comes to special holiday plans and trips, it is worth preparing something extra for the whole family. In recent years, trips and excursions abroad have become extremely accessible, and what is more, competitively priced. For this reason, we more and more often decide to book a flight ticket for a flight abroad: to Croatia, Spain, Italy, Malta, Turkey or Greece. These are just a few of the most popular holiday destinations among the British people. You can also use the holiday time to visit European capitals, London, Paris, Prague or Copenhagen.

All these holiday trips have a common denominator – they require at least a basic knowledge of English so that both children and parents can communicate safely abroad. English phrases for travel are useful to communicate in a shop or hotel, ask for directions, learn something about local attractions and monuments, or simply not to get lost at the airport in the maze of English-language information. Knowledge of the English language in today’s world is really a necessity. Even 3 4-year-olds are learning English now, and many parents bravely follow in their footsteps. If you do not know English well, and your child is only on a beginner level – no problem! Here you will find useful English phrases that will come in handy when traveling. All you need to do is master a few basic phrases and you’ll be fine on your next family vacation abroad! English for travel and vacation is easy – try yourself!

Basic English words for a trip

  • holiday / vacation
  • travel agent
  • journey
  • trip
  • city break
  • to book a holiday
  • sea
  • lake
  • mountains
  • abroad
  • beach
  • campsite
  • camping
  • guesthouse
  • monuments
  • cruise
  • canoe
  • amusement park
  • sunbathing
  • swimming
  • sightseeing
  • suitcase
  • country

English for travel: at the airport / on the plane

Useful English phrases for travel will be useful at the airport or on the plane. It is good to know what is the meaning of popular airport signs, which you should pay attention to. You should also know and how to search for lost luggage in English, which, of course, we do not wish anyone! English is also useful on the plane, when you want to find your place, ask the flight attendant for water, or when you want to be up to date with the messages displayed on the screen.

  • flight schedule
  • carry-on luggage / hand luggage
  • baggage reclaim
  • duty-free shop
  • arrivals
  • departures
  • canceled
  • delayed
  • on time
  • check-in desk
  • go to gate
  • wait
  • destination
  • window seat
  • Excuse me, where is the check-in desk?
  • Can I see your passport and boarding pass?
  • How many pieces of luggage do you have?
  • I’m sorry, but your flight has been canceled.
  • Where are you flying to?
  • Are you carrying any liquids?
  • Did you pack your own luggage?
  • I have nothing to declare.
  • What’s your seat number?

English for travel: at the hotel

After arriving at the holiday destination, English will also be useful for checking in at the hotel, asking for the room number and its amenities.

  • check in
  • check out
  • reception desk
  • single room
  • double room
  • twin room
  • air conditioning (AC)
  • breakfast
  • Excuse me, where can I find the nearest hotel?
  • I’d like to make a reservation. How much do you charge a night?
  • Where can I find room number …?
  • When is breakfast served?
  • Does the room have a bathroom?
  • What is included in the cost of accommodation?

English for travel: in the city / sightseeing

When you reach your holiday destination, you can start blissful relaxation or intensive sightseeing – it depends on your preferences and the will of your children. In each of the holiday situations, however, a few basic phrases will be useful. This will make it easier to navigate around a new place, ask local residents for specific information or find interesting attractions.

  • guide
  • attractions
  • souvenirs
  • landmark
  • sightseeing
  • in the center
  • in the street
  • go straight
  • turn left
  • turn right
  • near
  • bus stop
  • train station
  • bus station
  • post office
  • main square
  • Where is the museum?
  • Is it far from here?
  • Could you show it on the map, please?
  • How can I get to…?
  • Go along the street
  • A few minutes on foot

English for travel: restaurants and shops

Getting to know the local culture and culinary delicacies is also an essential element of holidays abroad. On holidays, we often eat in restaurants, go out for ice cream with the children or buy souvenirs. In all these situations, in a restaurant or in a store, you will also need a handful of English words and phrases, which will help you get along with the waiter or seller.

  • restaurant
  • cafe
  • shop
  • price
  • receipt
  • tip
  • change
  • waiter
  • customer
  • order
  • meat
  • vegetables
  • seafood
  • still water
  • How much is it?
  • Can I pay by credit card?
  • I’ll pay in cash.
  • May I take your order?
  • I would like a table for two.
  • Can i have the bill please?
  • I think I’ll leave it. It’s a bit too expensive.
  • I want to buy …
  • I’ll take this one.

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    Good information for travelling, It is interesting. Thanks so much!

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