Novakid Magic Academy: 15
Novakid Magic Academy

Chapter Fifteen

…in which the band of fearless adventurers gathers at Novakidville.

Alex was worried. After all, his friends had asked him to travel to the lands of the evil gremlins through the legendary magical forest. Anything could happen on the way. Alex wasn’t worried about himself, but he knew his mom and dad might be. Of course, in the world of people time passes differently than in the world of magic, but still, his absence could be noticed. So Alex came up with a cunning (or so he thought)
plan. He arranged with his friend Daniel to tell Alex’s parents that Alex was visiting him and staying overnight. In fact, Alex packed his backpack with everything he might need on a hike: a flashlight, a magic language dictionary, a change of socks, a bottle of water, and a bag of chips. He closed the backpack, inhaled, exhaled, and said loudly:

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