Novakid magic Academy. Chapter 13
Novakid Magic Academy

Chapter Thirteen

…in which, detectives Luna and Astro ask the all-knowing Book Worm for help

“What?! Luna and Astro exclaimed at once. “Is that even possible?”
“Of course, it is! You just have to know the right spell.”
“Where would he learn such a spell?”
“In books, my friends! All knowledge comes from books, and so does this one!
Unlike the real seal, this one is as easy to remove as it is to put,” said Book Worm, and then cast the simplest unmasking spell there is, “Disappear in a minute!” And the fake seal was gone.
“Wow!” Luna and Astro exclaimed at once again.
“Yes, yes, my young friends, once again you can see that the magic language works real miracles!” Said Book Worm and adjusted his glasses.
“Maybe we can use magic language to read the content of the book?” Astro asked.
“You surely can! But it’s not a book, it’s a notebook.”
“That’s what we thought,” Luna said…

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