Novakid MAgic Academy. Chapter 12
Novakid Magic Academy

Chapter Twelve

…in which, detectives Luna and Astro ask the all-knowing Book Worm for help

‘Look, it says here that this book is from the library of the Novakid Magic Academy!”
Astro said, pointing to the seal adorning the front of the book, which depicted the Tree of Knowledge.
Astro was holding in his paws the very book with the strange title that could mean anything “How to Do Nothing and Get Everything Done”, which had been found in the room of the missing student.
“It looks strange and not magic at all,” Luna said thoughtfully. “I didn’t know we had books like that at the Academy.”
“I wonder what it’s about,” Astro cautiously opened the book to a random page.
The page was blank.
“Maybe it’s a special page to record your achievements,” Luna suggested.
Astro opened the next page, and it was blank again. Another one. And another.
They were all blank pages.

Luna, Astro and the Worm

“It doesn’t look like a book, just a notebook,” Luna said.
“Maybe it is. But why does it have a library stamp on it?” Astro asked.
“Yes, that’s strange. Let’s go to the library and find out what this book is and where it came from,” Luna suggested.
“Let’s go!” Astro agreed.

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