Novakid Magic Academy. Chapter 11
Novakid Magic Academy

Chapter Eleven which the protagonists visit the Magic Speech house and find out that not all students are equally studious

“He was a good boy. He was never naughty, almost never did any mischief in class. Honestly, he wasn’t the brightest student, but I think it was a matter of time. Many low-performing students get better with time. Such cases are widespread,” said Mister Ludo Vic, a handsome red fox who grew up in the walls of the Academy and turned from a silly cub into the unmatched Mister Ludo Vic, Professor of Belles-Lettres and Magic Poetry.
“What do you mean by saying he wasn’t the brightest student?” Luna inquired.
“Was he a D-student?” Astro asked directly.

“Astro, how can you say things like that?” Luna exclaimed indignantly.
“Sorry. I just thought it would be easier to understand,” Astro apologized.
“Oh, my friends, actually, both of you are not too far from the truth,” Mister Ludo Vic responded calmly. “In fact, Mister Nicky was quite… a lazy student. He could have achieved much better results, had he spent more time studying vocabulary and language arts, pronunciation, and prosody. Well, here is the door to his room.”

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