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Novakid launched a Brand Ambassador Programme!

Novakid School is excited to announce our first Brand Ambassador programme! We are looking for a family with kids aged 4-12 to represent Novakid International Online English School in all our marketing channels around the world.

Your child definitely has every chance to become a Novakid ambassador if creativity is their middle name, cameras love them and they are learn English withNovakid!

Who can be a Novakid Brand Ambassador?

  • A 4-12-year-old who will become a face of Novakid on landing pages and on social media.
  • A child who will participate in Novakid PR activities together with their parents.
  • A boy or a girl who will be the star of Novakid videos and advertisements!

What are the benefits of being a Novakid Ambassador?

  • Free English lessons from Novakid for the duration of the Brand Ambassador contract
  • Brand New iPhone 13 Pro to record quality promo materials for Novakid
  • Professional photoshoot for the family
  • Express film making course & public speaking course

A chance to start a media career from an early age and of course many positive emotions!

How to Enrol your Kid into the Ambassador Family Programme

1 ) Join Novakid school (if your child is not yet a Novakid student)


2 ) Create an exciting promo video of your child being a real blogger. Check some video examples of our loyal students and their parents to get an idea…

3 ) Publish this video on your social media platform + tag #novakid_ambassador and #novakid_global

4 ) Send us your contact details and the link in the form below.

How will we choose the winner?
  • The Novakid Brand Ambassador has to be a loyal Novakid student (if you are not a student yet, you can join Novakid school) (you will have to feature a Novakid one-on-one class in your video) (10% of the weight)
  • The Novakid Brand Ambassador has to be an Effective Communicator with a sense of humour and natural acting abilities. (make your video funny and interesting to watch) (10% of the weight)
  • An Established Online Presence (can be a parent’s Instagram or TikTok) – we will look at how popular the video you created for Novakid and published on your platform is (likes, shares, comments) – (40% of the weight)
  • Your talents, hobbies, life goals and dreams (Novakid is supporting kids with exceptional talents, we want all our students to have a bright future by developing their talents and taking it to an international level) (10%)
  • The Ability to Gather Feedback and Provide Innovative Insight. (Give us feedback about your Novakid learning platform experience in your video) (10%)
  • Time and willingness to participate in the Novakid content creation process 1 – 4 times a month (depending on Novakid marketing activities). Tell us how you are planning to feature Novakid on your social platforms as an Ambassador in your application form (20%)

We are happy to accept your applications until 15 January.

The winner will be announced on 22nd January 2022
Good news! Each participant will get a prize!


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