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Novakid launched a Brand Ambassador Programme!

Novakid School is excited to announce our first Brand Ambassador programme! We are looking for a family with kids aged 4-12 to represent Novakid International Online English School in all our marketing channels around the world.

Your child definitely has every chance to become a Novakid ambassador if creativity is their middle name, cameras love them and they are learn English withNovakid!

Who can be a Novakid Brand Ambassador?

  • A 4-12-year-old who will become a face of Novakid on landing pages and on social media.
  • A child who will participate in Novakid PR activities together with their parents.
  • A boy or a girl who will be the star of Novakid videos and advertisements!

What are the benefits of being a Novakid Ambassador?

  • Free English lessons from Novakid for the duration of the Brand Ambassador contract
  • Brand New iPhone 13 Pro to record quality promo materials for Novakid
  • Professional photoshoot for the family
  • Express film making course & public speaking course

A chance to start a media career from an early age and of course many positive emotions!

How to Enrol your Kid into the Ambassador Family Programme

1 ) Join Novakid school (if your child is not yet a Novakid student)


2 ) Create an exciting promo video of your child being a real blogger. Check some video examples of our loyal students and their parents to get an idea…

3 ) Publish this video on your social media platform + tag #novakid_ambassador and #novakid_global

4 ) Send us your contact details and the link in the form below.

We are happy to accept your applications until 15 January.

The winner will be announced on 22nd January 2022
Good news! Each participant will get a prize!


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