Novakid Magic Academy: Chapter 10
Novakid Magic Academy

Chapter Ten which Luna and Astro assume the roles of famous detectives

So, we haven’t seen any traces of the gremlin, and nothing is clear about the pot. The conclusion is that the gremlin has either disappeared or is hiding. Meanwhile, the student of the Magic Speech house hasn’t been found yet. Which means…”
“…We must go find him!” Luna exclaimed.
“Indeed. Perhaps through solving this case, my dear Watson, we can get a clue on how to unravel the puzzle of the gremlin that appears and disappears in the school,” Astro went on.
“Who’s Watson? Astro, have you forgotten my name?”

“No, I haven’t. There are many stories by the English writer Arthur Conan Doyle about the detective Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Doctor Watson who investigate various mysterious crimes. Just like we do! So I think it would be only proper for me to call you Doctor Watson sometimes, for a change.”
“You must be Sherlock Holmes, then?”
“Quite right, Doctor Watson!”
“It’s not enough to go and investigate cases to be Sherlock Holmes. You need to have an analytical way of thinking, young man,” the conversation between the two friends was suddenly interrupted by the owl, who seemed to have appeared from thin air…

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