Novakid Magic Academy: Chapter 9
Novakid Magic Academy

Chapter Nine which the outstanding cat finds himself in an outstanding situation

Bartholomeow opened his eyes and saw the abundant skies high above him. Since he’s never been outdoors before, at first, he thought it was some strange ceiling. The cat thought that the endless blue sky with snow white clouds looked a lot like blue bathroom floor tiles someone spilled milk on. He even tried to lick the milk from the sky but didn’t quite manage.

He had to get up, shake himself up and look around. Apparently, he was in the middle of a field. There was plenty of grass billowing in the playful wind, resembling the sea with high tides. One side of the field was edged with a forest, the other one disappeared behind the horizon. Some trees and houses could be seen only at the skyline. It looked like this was a village or a settlement. That’s where Bartholomeow decided to direct his steps, after grooming his fur thoroughly. “If there are people, then there’s food. And where there’s food, that’s where I am,” Bartholomeow thought and moved in the chosen direction along the dusty road crossing the field.

About ten minutes later, Bartholomeow saw a huge stone right in the middle of the field. Something was written on it, but Bartholomeow examined the letters andrealized he didn’t know how to read them. “No, absolutely nothing is clear,” the catdecided, and wanted to move on, but then a bird suddenly popped up on the stone. It was big and black…

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